Jason Statham

A funny challenge.

We Dare You To Tell The Difference Between These Jason Statham Movies

Transporter 3, Transporter 2, Transporter, Crank, Chaos, Crank 2

I just know I liked all of them except Chaos which I haven’t seen. Crank 2 is the best.

Jason Statham, AKA Funk499, is just super cool.

He was good in Snatch, too. He’s making a movie called Killer Elite with Clive Owen right now. That should be a good one.

yeah i like him, but Transporter 3 was the worst. he also did “the bank job” which was pretty decent.

Well I gotta disagree with you on that, he’s as tacky as fly paper. He was Shatner-hammy in Snatch - and I loved Snatch - but at least the lines called for that smarminess; but his “acting” skills in movies like The One and all the Transporters basically involve him sneering, grumbling his lines, and then punching or kicking a guy with a frown on his face.

Let’s not talk about Gone in 60 Seconds and The Italian Job in which he was basically a non-entity, and if anyone has seen Ghosts of Mars, I hope you’ve already seen a hypnotist to rid yourself of that memory…

Not as bad as JCVD was (after Bloodsport, where he looked fairly innocent), not as silly as Stallone, but IMO Statham is better in roles like LS+2SB, Snatch, The Bank Job, and that nice little move Mean Machine, in which he’s the nutcase and Vinnie Jones is the straight guy (!) Just a little reminder of how backwards that situation is:

Possibly the greatest sports-related picture ever…

What, no shirt-less shots?

Statham couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. I saw him play the Dane once; it was awful.

I just don’t have patience for ‘serious’ movies anymore. Just give me action, sex, and stupidity.

For Icon.

I thought his role was funny in Snatch, but then again, the movie was excellent. I wouldn’t say he’s much of an actor, but his movies are definitely entertaining.

My wife believes him to be the sexiest action actor on film today. She calls him a “real man”. Mind you, she is a full blown Western girl, with a love of testosterone males, and not metrosexuals (she gets very upset whenever I suggest shaving my beard).

As well, the dude can actually fight and is in seriously good shape (not hollywood good shape either):

menshealth.com/men/fitness/w … 0013281eac

rodcollins.com/wordpress/the … am-workout

He was good in The Bank Job.

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]I just don’t have patience for ‘serious’ movies anymore. Just give me action, sex, and stupidity.

For Icon.[/quote]

Drool, drool, drool…

Muchas gracias. Very appreciated. :smiley:

I don’t care if the man can act -he can’t. He just has to stand there and breathe.

luv furry, cheesegrater abs.

In case anyone is interested, I’m not wearing my shirt now either.

Best put it on before Housecat takes a pic and exposes your torso to cyberspace.

BTW, did I leave any 19th century East European spanking implements at your place?

I’m embarrassed I don’t know who he is. I googled his face and still don’t know who he is. And I thought I knew all the hot pieces in Hollywood. :blush:

Has he ever been in a movie with Dwayne Johnson?

“Furry cheese grater abs” - ew! Err…yet - ooh at the same time… :lick:

A quick review of his movies in IMDB seems to indicate no, no movies with The Rock.

Pshaw! WELL then.

He is nothing.


Yeah, he is most definitely a hot bitch. 914, he’s British. A bit of the Daniel Craig without the 007 smooth.