Java keeps asking to update almost daily. Last update killed my system

Heard somewhere that the US government says that Java is unsafe and should be disabled. I use Open Office on occasion when I need to do advanced word processing and don’t want to play with Chinese menus.

I found that my Java update alert on my computers has been going off a lot in recent months. I would just click on OK to update. However, the last update seemed to crash my system. I lost all internet connectivity. (The windows diagnostics said there was something wrong with my network adapter)

I did a system restore and all is ok now. But I won’t update my Java until I find out that it is not the problem. I"m also thinking of removing it. Advice please.

No advice, but the java updates have been driving me bonkers lately too. Usually I don’t let it update, until a month or two goes by and youtube starts to run super slow.

You can google “Java virus” and find all kinds of news on it the last month or more.

I use a Macbook.
In Safari, choose Preferences and in Security you “unclick” the box (meaning leave the box unchecked) for “Enable Java”.

You’re a Mac Head. Traditionally you were immune to viruses. I’m a lowly Windows user. I will disable Java by unchecking the box. I hope I can still use my Open Office though. Too many updates. It was suppose to be the safest all platform operating system that was “Free” Guess we have to go with Paid non open source software (Flash or Shockwave)… Too bad.

BTW I wanted to try my hand at simple programming but as far as I know, flash or shockwave authoring software is still very expensive. Too much just to play around with.