Jay Chou fan in trouble

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003581798

What surprised me about this story wasn’t her obsession with a pop singer, but that she was deported and barred from coming back for FIVE YEARS. She didn’t really do anything that mental or threatening, she just ‘absconded’ from her tour group. They seem pretty hard on Chinese tourists.

She overstayed her allotted period of time without permission. Seems like a fair punishment for me.

Now, if we could address the way this particular reporter at Taipei Times writes his news…

Not really that fair in that you don’t get arrested, questioned by immigration police and barred from entering for five years, if you are from many countries. I guess they really don’t want Chinese people going AWOL and disappearing into the black economy.

Saddest of all is that it would be easier to catch Jay Chou in Mainland China than here…

Yeah she should have disappeared into a ‘black jail’ Chinese style for some
Music reeducation.

That’ll learn her proper.

She went to JVR and then Taipei Arena? She was hanging around my neighborhood!