Jazz in Taiwan

I’m seeking work in the Far East, possibly Taiwan, and want to know what possibilities exist for playing jazz there. Are there many venues where it is played, and more to the point are there any jazz players on this forum? If so, please contact me.

Yes, that would be good to know.

Don’t know about Taiwan, I know there’s a nice little club which features some regulars and occassionally guest performers from overseas in Hong Kong. Lan Gui Fang, in the California Building. Don’t remember the name of it though. Maybe you can do a google search for lan kuei fang (the cantonese spelling) and jazz.

Several commercial jazz clubs exist in Taipei w/ live music at weekends–> Blue Note, Brown Sugar…well and good, but usually overpriced, noisy, and overcrowded for my jazz appreciation.

But luckily, I was introduced to a place called
Ah-Liang and Friends,
(alleys between Ren-ai/Jungxiao, along Yenchi Street)
last Saturday evening.

It was a lovely change of pace. Owned by an ABC woman or CBA, whatever, Ah-liang, has this funky little basement Jazz club with (no cover) live performances at the weekend. Saturday, there was a three piece ensemble of foreign dudes. Keyboard, bass, jazz guitar…They weren’t half bad!! In fact, I’d say they were pretty damn good, and the best part was how into making music they were.

The place made me yearn for SF, where these kinds of laid back mini jazz/blues pubs are a dime a dozen.

I reckon this place is one of Taipei’s “best kept secrets”…
but I’ll invite you, my segue friends, to check it out.

Think the address stuck in my head as: Lane 245 Renai, Alley 15, No. 15.(could be wrong, but it’s a few alleys down from Qbar along Yenji, going towards Renai). The entrance, just leads down to the basement club.

Btw, clientele all hipster cool, man…but not pretentious in the slightest. Honestly! 8) Dig it.

You could also try “Louise Bar” on Civil Boulevard, about 100 metres west of the convenience store on the corner of Civil Blvd and TunHua Sth Rd. They have a couple of (rather talented) jazz musicians who play from 10pm til midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. The atmosphere is really nice and the service is good. They serve Belgian beer off the tap, although it’s not too cheap ($180NT for a big cup - is that a beer stein)?

There’s also a cafe that has a live jazz band about four lanes behind California Fitness on Chungshiao East Rd Sec 4. It’s on the corner, and I think it’s got a dumb name like “Love Cafe”. I think it’s a 4 piece band.

I also saw a jazz bar - though I haven’t been there - on FuXing Sth Rd, about 200 metres north of RenAi Rd (on the East side). Can’t remember the name, but like the abovementioned cafe it’s got obvious signage pertaining to jazz.


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