Jazz in Taiwan?

:?: Is there any Jazz in Taiwan? If you know or you are a player please contact me.

I don’t know about the rest of Taiwan, but there is at least three well know places in Taipei.

  1. Blue Note 4th floor 171 Roosevelt Road
  2. Brown Sugar 218 Jinshan South Road
  3. TU B1 249 Fuxing South Road

the TU i really dont know about(jazz Thur-Sat), Brown Sugar also plays the blues :slight_smile:

There are currently jazz sessions being held on Sundays 4:30 at the art district site on the corners of Ba-da and Chung Shiao Rds-and from what I hear the musicians are top rate.

It’s 300 NT admission -buffett is included.

Riverside Cafe has jazz, blues, rock and tasty cocktails - check out their schedule (third button from the left under the rocking dude) at

riverside.com.tw/index.asp [/url]

Monkbucket, have you been to Riverside? Anyone else? Perhaps you’d like to post a quick review in the restaurants forum.

Ok, excuse MY spam, but since there’s two jazz threads running, and this one seems a bit more perky than the LIVING in TAIWAN one (mods of that forum, you can always cut paste, and delete that thread, btw!), here’s Alien’s $.02NT (um, again):

Several commercial jazz clubs exist in Taipei w/ live music at weekends–> Blue Note, Brown Sugar…well and good, but usually overpriced, noisy, and overcrowded for my jazz appreciation.

But luckily, I was introduced to a place called
Ah-Liang and Friends,
(alleys between Ren-ai/Jungxiao, along Yenchi Street)
last Saturday evening.

It was a lovely change of pace. Owned by an ABC woman or CBA, whatever, Ah-liang, has this funky little basement Jazz club with (no cover) live performances at the weekend. Saturday, there was a three piece ensemble of foreign dudes. Keyboard, bass, jazz guitar…They weren’t half bad!! In fact, I’d say they were pretty damn good, and the best
part was how into making music they were.

The place made me yearn for SF, where these kinds of laid back mini jazz/blues pubs are a dime a dozen.

I reckon this place is one of Taipei’s “best kept secrets”…
but I’ll invite you, my segue friends, to check it out.

Think the address stuck in my head as: Lane 245 Renai, Alley 15, No. 15.(could be wrong, but it’s a few alleys down from Qbar along Yenji, going towards Renai). The entrance, just leads down to the basement club.

Btw, clientele all hipster cool, man…but not pretentious in the slightest. Honestly! Dig it.

i took sandman’s advice and posted a thread about riverside in the restaurant forum.