JCS - Criminal Psychology

Got turned on to this YT page recently. Fascinating.

Here’s Jeff. He’s awesome.

Yes, I know of it. The Jennifer Pan, Casey Anthony, Chris Watts and Jodi Arias ones are all great. The only problem is the dude only releases a new one like 3 times a year.

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He has a Patron page, he releases there. The YouTube video is just for promo. I don’t pay for the patron page but people say his stuff is even higher quality after the pay wall

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I also sometimes watch ThatChapter, but the Scottish guy’s narration is a bit too smug and annoying at times.

What’s he charge?

I’m not sure. I think $1 per person/year. I heard the got dozens of thousand of patrons

I take it that the guy in the photo is NOT the Scottish guy? Kee-rist.

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That’s like really worth it. A buck a year? All access? No shit.

what happened to Jeff after that?


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Yup. Last time I checked it was the price, and he already had tens of thousands patrons.

Out of curiosity I just checked the patron page now and seems like he removed some of the videos and is not putting up more. There is a final note there.

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He also used to put up a video on YouTube and removing it afterwards. All his content is top notch.

Fun fact: the voice you hear is not his but a professional narrator who has is own YouTube channel as well.