JD/IMBA potential positions / internships

hey guys – i’m new to the forum, so forgive any indiscretions, but i’m really, really hopeful someone can at least point me in the right direction. i’m an attorney, barred in wisconsin. i went to the University of Wisconsin (top 15%), worked in Milwaukee and internationally doing commercial lit. My wife is taiwanese, and hence my move here. i’m currently at nccu in the mba program (very top of the class) and in the mandarin program, trying like crazy to move away from litigation if possible and into anything transactional (M and A, cap markets, securities, anything really).

anyway, i’m would desparately like to intern (for FREE) at a top notch taiwanese firm or an american firm here in taiwan, but i really have no connections and no idea how the legal landscape in taiwan works. a typical summer associateship would be great, but the semesters here run thru july, and we’re off til sept, so much different than in the states. also, since i will lose my scholarship if i work, i am most willing to intern for free so long as there is the potential (no matter how unlikely, so long as if i impress the pants off the firm, like make them think, “how the hell is this guy still available”) that i could latch on as an associate upon graduation or before.

in any case, if anyone could point me in the right direction, wants to see my resume, or is willing to help me in any way to prove myself here in taiwan, i would be eternally grateful (no exaggeration).

thanks a ton for reading