JD's Excellent Adventure (2020 edition)

OK, so now I’m here in lovely Hualien. Drove down from Su’Ao through the insanely long somnambulistic tunnels of impending blink and forever sleep.

Anyone up for a beer? I’m in a BNB close to the Ji’An train station.

probably will end up here later:

It seems to fit a pattern:

Taiwanese Craft Beer 臺灣精釀啤酒


Salt Lick was my go-to western food place when I lived there. I know the original owner has returned to the U.S.; hopefully it’s still as good as it used to be. Those BBQ ribs and pulled pork sandwiches :yum:


Will let you know!

I second this. :yum: I’ve only been a couple of times, but that place takes the joint #1 position for me for things that I think about when I think about Hualien (alongside Taroko). Enjoy!

I remember being on one side and trying to order a beer from the other side and they couldn’t accommodate. Hell, I think i complained about that on the flob back then. I don’t remember the food, but I remember they couldn’t walk next door to the same business (old Chicago) and bring me a beer.

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It’s combined into one location now. The happy hour seemed good, but always went for lunch and that’s too early for me.

Dos Tacos is much improved now. And the owner, Jason, has good tequila ready.

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I’ve been to Salt Lick a few times and I think it is kind of over rated tbh, please don’t hate me :see_no_evil:

This is a hate-free forum. However, overrated compared to where in the Hualian area?

Yeah, well someone convinced me to drink scotch last night and that was a bad choice…so takillya is off the table. And never was a fan of Mexican food. I did try…but nah.

I didn’t eat anything as I went here and got stuffed:

On oyster and pork fat rice…I mean who wouldn’t right?

I did have an IPA or two and read my book. Business was slow, but it was rainy.

You take that back!


What do you mean ‘overrated compared to where?’. I just mean I think it gets too much praise imo.

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I meant where else in Hualien is decent?

If you’re in the mood for Indian (or actually Pakistani), then you can’t go wrong with Madina Indian Bistro.

No. 482, Heping Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970

I’ve gone wrong with that place before. Not awesome imo.

I’ve gone for a few years and the place has always satisfied me. Lots of naan and a few curries, and I’m one happy dude. I’m very surprised to hear about a bad experience there.

I’m beat. We did a get lost on purpose road trip today.

War games in the AM:

Japanese Zen temple I guess:

I keep seeing signs that tell me I’m onna right path:

Met some old fisherman at Linyu> Lake and chatted him up, showed him my bass pics from NY over the summer.

Then drove up and over the mountains toward the ocean:

To the sea to the sea:

I’m probably gonna go back to the Salt Lick place again. The beer was good and I’m beat and not in the least bit hungry, and again, anyone want to meet me there, awesome.

Or tell me where I can see a nice selection of draft IPAs and I’ll go there. :wink:


If you want something different. Regular bottled beer and some liquor. Across the street from Dos Tacos. African fare.

Are you asking me out? :blush:

there’s a little pub in the Night Market.

23°58’19.8"N 121°36’37.5"E
16, Bo’ai Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, 974

Lunch or snack

No. 120號, Zhonghua Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970
03 835 0667