My brother in law has such a ride…or two, a Mercedes convertible and a BMW with equal HP eye’m told. Once I have been sprung from quarantine we’re hitting the road for a few days.

We need best routes, destinations and eateries. Bring it on! If you live in these places, impromptu jd meet and greets might occur, provided you don’t like, you know, abhor me and vice versa.

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I like all three routes between Hualien and Taidong; 193, 9, and 11 along the water. You can make some great loops using those and the mountain passes of 30 and 23.

Closer to Taipei there’s this famous road where they actually shoot commercials for the brands you mention…

Ruishuang Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, 224
02 2960 3456

You can drop down into Jiufen and then head in either direction along the coast. Stay away on weekends.

Further afar, 199 in the far south through Mudan is pretty spectacular and empty.


O, so we got first night booked 1/2 between FlowerFace and Taitung.

Now, need a REALLY nice BNB or hotel in Taitung…little light pollution, great view.

Any ideas?

Also, any flobbers in the area?


I’d advise you to scale your expectations down (unless there really has been an uptick in the accommodation in that part of the country…).


Sheraton Taitung is nice upscale. Gaya is more trendy chic if there is such a thing in Taitung.

旅人驛站鐵花文創二館 Is trendy good budget.

All central walking distance to the main events.

Naruwan used to be the nice hotel but it’s getting old and in a bad location and more for tour groups

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Thanks for being so helpful, Tango. Sent to the wife and she likes it. :+1:

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You didn’t ask, but while you are there, if you like sweets, I highly recommend Obama cake. It’s a weird name, and not a typo, but their pastries are really good. The ones in the Glass display. I’ve been there multiple times, sometimes they don’t have much stock so it might be worth going to second time If you ask them when they will get their next shipment. Taitung is a small place so it’s never too far away.


The Sheraton is a good choice. Nice breakfast buffet and right next to the night market. I have been pleasantly surprised with how the city of Taidong is developing. Used to be pretty boring in the city but now there are things to do. The 鐵花村 area at night is pretty cool.

Did a long weekend there recently, was pretty shocked at how nice many of the areas have become. I hadn’t been in a couple years. I recommend having dinner around the National Theater area, taking a walk around after, and heading over to the Tsutaya Bookstore outlet nearby.

Yes great ideas, in Taichung, but not Taitung :sweat_smile:

I had dinner in Tsutaya Bookstore twice last week. Great hamburgers WIRED TOKYO 台中店 / Doug’s Burger.

What? They have a night market?

Hahahaha, well, sorry. To make it worse I’ve actually stayed in that Sheraton many times.

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It’s literally at the front door of the hotel… somehow totally appropriate there.

It’s the regular day market open at night. Meat and vegetables and shoes and umbrellas and some food carts. Very busy in the daytime but not so much in the evening. Not like a special touristy night market.

One day.

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Hey. You too. Beer. You up in the big smoke or holed up somewhere?