Je vous hais, compris?

And they say Charles de Gaulle did not know how to make a point. Now, what was my point? and do you understand? a bit of a double entendre here or is a double question? and why would I say that even though Charles de Gaulle said it first? compris?

Je vous ai compris. What colour are your feet ?

Noir, why?

Was it a black day in history when he refused to let the UK into the European Economic Community? I guess we will never know. He was misunderstood in Algeria methinks …words , words…what do they really mean? “Vive l’Algerie francaise”…so which was correct ?
These Colonies are always causing trouble, as Pater used to say.

That was “Je vous ai compris!” Though I must admit to the untrained ear, the phrases sound tantalizingly similar. But I think that the interrogatory uplift to the voice at the end of the former should have guaranteed the compris one way or another, not to be ambivalent, although I can see both sides of the equation… I mean he may have asked his question like a strongly articulated utterance.

I was fortunate / unfortunate enough to have a French Mother :wink: I think that the inference at the time was accidental . Most French people understood him to mean keep the place French … although , as we all know , people will believe what they wish to believe . If that is the subject that you refer to Monsieur Smeeeeth. Semantics old man .

As Old Father Time passes by , I find it more difficult to find other old persons to whom these subjects would have any relevancy . Or perhaps you have just been reading a little Kant again ?

Exactment. Precisement. Justement. If we discuss Algeria et al and I give you a string of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs, am I drowsy or referencing? Likewise, in hindsight, the colons may have asked him to define what he meant by “compris.” And, perhaps, the other phrase was the one he really used but they couldn’t believe such to be the case and so went with “Je vous ai compris,” because how else could it be otherwise, non?

Well it was maybe “de rigueur” or should I say De Ricoeur ? :wink:

enfonce-le dans la gorge/guele?


I presume …when you were at some Colonial learning facility :smiley: ?
I think we have long lost most readers by now …much as CDG’s words were mis-interpreted in Algeria :laughing:

Meanwhile, here is a picture of an Algerian Oak , which has lived peacefully in Australia for many years after being nurtured there :wink:

. I am quite confounded by your lack of response in the AOC thread :joy:

Algerian Oak Chat (AOC)? Ah… je vous ai compris?!

Would never be misunderstood in Quebec where hais is usually pronounced haïs.

That’s why I hate Quebec, understand?

Je vous hais encore… encore… encore… Compris?