Jeep riding in Kenting

Coupla questions come to mind about this:

  1. where in kenting is this?
  2. I am guessing they dont let you drive, just ride, which is a bummer because id like to drive. On the other hand if they let people drive there likely could be some accidents pretty quickly, like people rolling off into the woods. Possibly tipping over. Which would not be pretty at all for the people standing in the back with a jeep on their heads.



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Tommy has his days, and then tommy has his days.

Tommy, it’s near the top secret hilltop missile base.

No, really. It is.

It must be pretty secret because I have driven around Kending and never seen any sign of a missile base. I love the back country of Kending.

there is a secret military base of some sorts. For a long time certain roads were not passable. Donno if still there. I aint been in the Kenting area since 99.

It’s still closed off to the public. Actually, it’s in PingDung county up the east coast a bit. It is an airfield which has an unusual European WW2 layout with 3 runways that interest each other at about 110 deg intervals. There is an aboriginal village on site but that has been incorporated into the base: the locals were told to bugger off by the KMT. It is now a (the?) main missile testing site in Taiwan and has silos. Some of the silos are mothballed and also off limits to the public.
I just realized the Jeep tracks in the video are closer to Kending than the ones I am thinking about.

I forget the exact road names but if your drive past Henchuan towards that natural gas place and keep going down that way there are some on the side of the road. some also go near the “dunes” at the very tip where that miltary telescope (?) thing is, that area…but i didnt see any store fronts there, they drive from the other side of the hill.

all teh go kart places are moved out as well…??? are they going to be building hotels all along the more southern parts of kenting now? that would be a shame.