Jeffrey Epstein, sex trafficking, and the rabbit hole gets bigger

Bending reality to fit your thought process isn’t very convincing.

Chinese state media in and out of China have been pushing the idea of Biden being a friendly face that will rekindle the relationship Trump ruined with China. That’s actually because Biden is a friendly face from his time as VP when China was unchallenged.


So I really know working class people?

You seem alright @MikeN1 , I even value your perspective. I don’t think I have ever seen you make leaps of logic to the point that strain credulity.

In news related to the case.

Pleading to keep testimony secret, Ghislaine Maxwell says, ‘don’t let cat out of the bag’

“If the unsealing order goes into effect, it will forever let the cat out of the bag,” they warned in a 74-page filing, adding that doing so would also hamper Maxwell’s ability to get a fair trial in the criminal case

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What’s your take, you ever seen anyone from any class talk about dating their own children like Trump? Mick seems to indicate he knows this type, me, never seen it happen.

I start from the position that people are good people, I extend that to everyone unless they prove me wrong. Wanting to have sex with your own child is grossly wrong, so it would take a great deal to convince me that someone actually wanted to do something so massively inappropriate.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t heard fathers say inappropriate things about their daughters, or as was the in one case @mups used someone else tease the father over an attractive daughter. That’s a far cry from wanting to have sex with your daughter.

But I extend this to everyone, Adam Schiff who I intensely dislike had a photo of some young boy and people suggesting he was a pedophile, turns out the boy was in some program where Senators mentored young kids and this was the one he was mentoring. In that case I would say to opponents of Adam Schiff, you shouldn’t be doing that it’s gross and inappropriate.

Or Joe Biden touching his grand daughter, people suggesting he was doing something wrong there should knock it off. I won’t speak to other instances but in that case it’s his grand daughter, what wrong with you?

Or a picture of Trump with his daughter on his knee, people implying “look at trump the pervert with his daughter”, same thing, whats wrong with you, that’s his daughter, sitting on a dads knee is normal behavior, dont be disgusting and imply something that isnt there.

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Boarding schools are going to be the next ugly can of worms for this topic.

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I start from a very different position, but mups is reaching here because that’s what he does.

If I took it seriously, I’d be offended.

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Are you the National Inquirer now?

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rowland accusing someone else of reaching :joy: look in the mirror, dude.

You know, I asked the question, has anyone heard anyone they know ever talk about their daughter the way Trump talks about his, all I got was crickets. Not such a difficult question to answer, I don’t think?

I’ll just take that as a no, especially considering the 24/7 frenzy I get in response posting anything else. :sweat_smile: Sometimes I wonder if anyone is getting any sleep.

It’s hard to just say no of course, when there’s an orange predator to defend. Not even including anything else we might hear from now to election about his deviance.

most of them have you on the ignore list. they don’t bother what you have to say and the few times they do response is to insult you.

I’m not sure how true that actually is, but no matter, either way works for me. :wink:

yeah i dont know either. but they get quiet when you come up with facts. they get quite loud when you come up with opinions. and they get agro when you’re not an amurrrican.

It’s called polite silence.

The alternative is mocking laughter.

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They go quiet when anybody comes up with facts.

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Interesting to see the outcome of this , providing he makes it to a court room :roll_eyes:

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:drum: roll…


Revealed: Bill Clinton’s Intimate Secret Dinner With Ghislaine Maxwell