Jeffrey Koo body returns to TAiwan

This is how the super rich do it.

Private (chartered? ) 737 returns his body and family members back to the rock. Roller takes the family (dont see too many of those rollers) past gathered China Trust employees.

Sort of like with Princess Diana’s funeral eh?
Final procession taking the route he always took to work. From his home in TienMou to his office.


They didn’t cremate the body? I thought that was standard mainland Chinese SOP (get rid of the evidence).

How will anyone know that he isn’t just showing up to work as usual?

I dont know much about the guy, but he seems to have been some sort of national hero or something.

Certainly seems to have benefited from being johnny at the right time at the right place vis-a-vis his KMT contacts.

Hey how come EVA AIR employees were at the airport. Come to think of it, EVA reportedly has one PRIVATE 737 (that could be it) for EVA owner Chang’s use . But i saw a western stew onboard though.

Furthermore, who is that HOT looking young lady coming off the plane ? Is she married? Can someone give me her cellnumber?

I hope his passport was stamped.

Reminds me of this for some reason:

Dead Man Checks into airport

Police have arrested two women after they tried to take the body of a dead relative on to a plane at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Staff became suspicious when they tried to check in 91-year-old Curt Willi Jarant, who was wearing sunglasses, for a flight to Berlin on Saturday.

The women - his widow and step-daughter - said they thought he was asleep.

They were arrested on suspicion of failing to give notification of a death, police said.

He was the fifth son of a tycoon from the Japanese colonial era, the founder supposedly being famous for giving the keys to Taipei’s gates to the invading Japanese. They are actually an old Taiwanese family and predate the KMT. The family have substantial interests in many industries in Taiwan, as we can see from the next media buyout.

He was famous for founding China-trust, the first non government linked bank allowed by the KMT. Eventually they became one of the leading banks and financial groups in Taiwan. They claim to have had a hard time competing at the start but you don’t get a banking license from nowhere unless you had connections.

The younger Koo is still under trial process for bribes during the CSB era and had run away to Japan for a few years, I guess it will be ‘taken care of’ eventually. He was given a special dispensation to go to NYC to see his father before he passed on. You won’t see much real history about these tycoons in Taiwan. These families are all invested in the media.

He was an Eisenhower fellow, founder of Chinatrust, roving APEC ambassador, and philanthropist. Was lucky enough to be asked to edit his letter to GW Bush after the 2004 election and to some Aussie Senators (had a Taiwan buddy that was a personal secretary of his).

Sad to see such an international spokesperson for Taiwan no longer contributing. RIP.