Jelly Bean Now on Galaxy Note 1 (N7000) (Where to buy one?)

If you have a Galaxy Note 1, it might be a good time to check for updates. Apparently Taiwan got the JB update this week!

Things like Project Butter, somethingsomething, and something else bring it all close to Note 2 standards.

And while we’re on the subject of the Note 1, can anyone recommend a good, cheap place from which to buy one? have them bundled with an extra battery for about NT$15,500 delivered, but I’d prefer to pick one up locally (I’m in Taichung). I can’t get one with a contract (my current contract keeps going until August, and then I want to ditch Taiwan Mobile anyway). So, phone only. Any suggestions? Any chance of getting one for $15K in or near Nova? Any special offers in supermarkets this week or coming up? Any relevant advice for an idiot like me? :pray:

And yes, I know the Note 2 is better, but I’d prefer a 16:10 screen, and will just have to live without that lovely N2 stylus and quad-core processor. :bow:

Funny kind of butter they used. Note 1 with original ICS beats a Note 1 with a laggy and buggy Jelly Bean 4.1.2