JFR visa

wondering if anyone out there has aplied for a jfr visa, through marriage with a criminal record. I’m not looking for information on what the book says but rather some experiencial knowledge.

Hi Musicbox:

Questions to consider:

  1. How long have you stayed in Taiwan? If stayed 5 years or longer and don’t have a criminal record in Taiwan, you can try to get a police record from Taiwan stating you have a clean record.
  2. If not, what crimes have you committed and would show up on your police check? If it’s not murder, related to guns, drugs then it depends on how that will affect your application.
  3. You would need to be friendly with the people who will process your JFRV application and see what advice they can give you. Have a friend ask on your behalf. In the end of it all, whatever the clerks say and will let you “get away with” will determine success or failure of your application.

Good luck.