My Taiwanese partner and I will be having a baby in August, and want to register marriage sometime before that. I am a NZer. In Nov. I will be eligible for an APRC based on time working in Taiwan. I am very confused about the difference between the JFRV and APRC benefits and obligations. We won’t go back to NZ to register the marriage, but considered going to Hong Kong or elsewhere (cheaper and closer) if needed.

In my case, if we registered in Taiwan, would I be eligible for the APRC because of marriage and length of time here, or do we still need to get married abroad? I will continue working, but don’t want to rely on the company’s work visa to stay in Taiwan.

If we need to go abroad, is there any link with advice about how to do this?

Thanks for your help and direction. And Mr. Hartzell, your work on all this legal stuff for foreigners is really appreciated, there have been some positive changes over the years.

Look at my FAQ about getting married:

[Getting Married in Taiwan

I’m a Kiwi too, so I can assure you that you don’t need to get married in NZ to get the benefitsd of a JFRV.

As far as I can tell, if you’re married to a Taiwanese citizen, the best advantage is just to get the JFRV and only apply for the APRC if you get divorced or your wife dies.


what does jfrv and aprc stands for,thanks

Joining Family Resident Visa and Alien Permanent Resident Certificate