JFRV/ARC & Passport

Long story made short. My ARC expires September this year and my passport is only valid until October this year. I am going back to Australia and have just realized there might be some issues with timing etc. I’ve called the immigration department and got conflicting info, and have called the Australian office in Taipei but just waiting to hear back from them. Basically I am going back to Australia very soon and will return around December. I think I need to renew my passport before they’ll be able to extend my ARC beyond September this year, since my passport expires just a month later. If I can’t renew my passport in time, what will happen to my ARC which I have via marriage? Will I have to go through some overly complex process when I return? Has anyone ever renewed an Australian passport in Taiwan and know how long it takes?

Canadians can renew passports in Taiwan, and it takes 15 days. I’m sure Australians can renew here too, but check first, obviously.

You should really try to apply for a new passport ASAP. The South African Liaisons Office here in Taipei can get SA’s passports too. I’m sure there must be some similar deal for you. Don’t wait too long. The SA passport can take three months or longer to arrive. Don’t know about the Australian, though.

If Australia use the new RFID passports, then you’re shit out of luck, as I can no longer get a passport done here because Sweden switched over. I have to go to HK or pretty much any other country with an embassy and it takes at least a month to get the passport back. So make sure you find out ASAP.

I renewed my Aussie passport in Taiwan last year, took about two weeks. They were lovely, friendly & very helpful.

If it’s your first adult passport you need to go into the ACIO for an interview. Dunno about renewals, just ring someone and ask :slight_smile: Being the Australian consulate, they’re often out on smokos, tho. Info online can be found here:


If you try and renew it in Australia, they give you some cock & bull story about how the photos THEY took are the wrong size and they got up on the wrong side of bed that morning and you need proof of address A and what you brought is printed on the wrong sized paper and won’t fit in the envelope and if you fold it it’s null and void and…


Just save yourself the hassle and do it in Taiwan. If anything, the process’ll be slightly cheaper in TW (after photos and whatnot) :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies. Was mainly a time concern problem and I only just found out Monday that ARCs all changed to some new “IC” version which I had to get done (yes, I have my head up my arse 24/7 and don’t know what is going on outside my computer room). I made a mad dash to Taipei and put in all the forms, so now I am just waiting… Appreciate the feedback from everyone.