JFRV based on foreign spouse ARC, work permit and language study

Hi, i got here in taiwan two weeks ago, i’m pinay with ongoing JFRV based from ARC of my Filipino husband working here…Is there anyone with the same situation like me?, i really need clear information about the rights and restrictions for dependents of foreign workers…

With JFRV we are granted resisdency in taiwan, thats already clear to me, but, is that just it? Please help me with the following:

Working legally

  1. How can i apply for a work permit?
  2. Do i need to give up my JFRV and get working visa?
  3. Can i participate in trainings sponsored by the government for JFRV holders with ROC spouse?


  1. Can i get the free mandarin class in public school just like those with JFRV with ROC spouse?
  2. Can i enroll in a University to study mandarin with my JFRV or should i change it in student visa? :discodance: :discodance: