JFRV/Moving to Taiwan

Hello ALL! I’m a long time reader but first time posting,

I have several concerns that is relatively hard to find out from Canada, I usually get out of date information or information that is so mixed up and contradicting to other information I find. I have several questions for you pros who already live in Taiwan and been there for some time regarding JFRV/Teachings/livings. I will post them in bullet form for ease of reading/answers, thanks very much! :bow:

  1. Me and my spouse (Taiwanese) we live in Canada and we are married here. She has been here with me for 5 years and we are looking to FINALLY go back to Taiwan and for me to teach as I finish my uni degree this may coming. What are the required steps we need to do for the JFRV or a link? So far I think I understand we need our marriage registration long form translated to Chinese and brought to Taiwan with housing residence or something for her.

  2. She is from Miaoli and we are thinking of possible locations on where we want to go OR what will provide the best locations for opportunities for both of us, I am a Canadian-born so teaching is what I have been waiting to do for years so that is the main focus. I’d prefer not to be in Taipei as its much more expensive and crowded, but how realistic is it to find a job in places like Miaoli or Kaohsiung?

  3. I’m planning to stay in Taiwan for at least 5-10 years minimum and am planning for the long-term and wanting to know from anybody’s experience what is the best way about going about moving to Taiwan and securing a better foothold. Obviously my wife’s family all live there so as far as support and housing goes we are OK until we find out what is best for us. My Question is what would be the most successful steps in terms of getting a more secure job/what not to do?

Any help on any of this is highly appreciated and I thank you guys very much for any replies you give or any insight. I am very excited and can’t wait to move there, I was there in 2010 and loved it so much.

  • C.G