In theory, you should have open work rights as soon as you have both marriage to an ROCNWHR and an ARC of any kind (as @hsinhai78 has pointed out). In practice, there might be problems.


Hi @citizen_k - It is years later and I stumbled upon your post, and it helps me, amazingly. So sorry for your loss, still after these years. It is a painful thing to happen, and you have such a generous heart to try to share your information to others. I wanted to ask you a bit more… my mother passed suddenly and unexpectedly (Taiwan national), and my poor father (American) is left picking up the pieces… can I ask on his behalf:

I am wondering if you still had info, regarding: the Dai Su you used & how much they charged? I feel like there is a lot to do and help is necessary since neither my dad or I are very fluent in Chinese… Also, what law firm did you use to help, & about how much did they charge? And which city you lived in at the time (may impact if they can help me too, I guess!).

If the above is too private (regarding cost), feel free to message me on the Dai Su/ law firm: info/costs… thanks so much.

Also… less major but still just trying to help my dad ask as much as possible: He’s got the 3-year JFRV version of the ARC, still current, and I did get some info like you said from the National Immigration Agency already, that the ARC can still be extended but change the reason to “other” (which is already such a relief to know, sounds like that is what happened to you)… however, do you know if it was only possible for 1-year or 3-years ARC still was possible? 3-year would be so much better for my dad’s specific circumstances, traveling for work a lot… You mentioned in your original post that you twice got the 1-year but was that the only option available to you at the time then? I tried to ask the National Immigration Agency but got totally conflicting answers from different people on the 1-year v. 3-year…

Also you mentioned in your answer to another post (below), that the Foreign Affairs Police (FAP) helped you on the ARC card… I have been calling the National Immigration Agency (NIA), but maybe I should have asked the FAP instead (?). Another thing is that no one at the NIA was able to tell me how fast we had to do the ARC change, as my dad actually has a couple of years left on his current ARC card before it expires, so it would be better if he could just leave it be until it expires & then change the reason right before (30 days before) his current one expires… any idea about that timeline, or you just did the change right away, so it didn’t matter for you? (Obviously, we have reported her death right away, but not sure if ARC needs to change “reason” right away…)

Thanks SO much, in advance for any info you still have… Please excuse if this is too much… if you’re not sure/don’t remember, no worries, of course!! I am just so grateful to have found your posts in my time of confusion and sadness as well. You have already helped so much.

One thing I’m sure is NIA is the current agency you need to contact with. FAP was under an old regulation.

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Hi Audrey,

My sincerest condolences. Tando is correct; the current agency that handles visas and residency is now called the National Immigration Agency. I’ve messaged you this morning. Hopefully, it will prove helpful to you and your dad. :relieved: