JFRV's and staying in Taiwan less than six months

I heard word from someone that if you get married in Taiwan (as I very recently have), there may be some issue if after applying for or getting a JFRV visa you return to your home country for an extended period within six months of obtaining the visa. I’m intending to return home in early April, and as I only just got married I’m currently banging my head off the wall going through the required rigmarole to get a JFRV.

I’ve had a look around the site here, and the only mention of anything like this I can find is to do with something called Direct Consular Filing, which is something I think only affects US citizens.

I’m British, however, so hopefully what I heard was in error. If it’s not a mistake, please do let me know.

If you have an APRC card (that is “permanent residence”) then you have to be inside Taiwan for 183 days or more each year (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st).

However, I have never been aware that there is any “residency requirement” for those holders of a regular ARC (which may be based on marriage, work, missionary activities, etc.)

Additionally, (returning to the subject of an APRC), if you get an ARC and then want to apply for permanent residency in the future, you are going to have to deal with proving residency of 183 days (or more) per year, but according to your post that is not your concern at present.