Jiang Rong: Lang Tuteng

Has anybody read this book already?

姜戎 狼圖騰

Is it any good?

They had an article on this book in (of all places) the NY Times insert in the United News Daily on Monday. It looked pretty interesting. I wonder if there’s a traditional character version available here in Taiwan. If so, I’ll have to pick up a copy the next time I make a pilgrimmage to civilization.

[quote=“NY Times”]BEIJING - For the author of one of China

Two thoughts:

  1. Once I kicked a car that ran a red light and nearly ran me and my Taiwanese girfriend down. She said: “Are you crazy? They might be gangsters or something.” I said: “As long as sheep are sheep, wolves will be wolves.”

  2. Like the Mongols, the early Turks were Asian nomads, and the wolf is also the symbol of Turkish and pan-Turkic nationalism and fascism.

The wolf’s head salute of Turkish fascists

Graue Woelfe heulen wieder