Jiaoxi (礁溪) Turkish cuisine gourmet restaurant (NOW CLOSED)

Really really great tasting food and quality. I went two days in a row for dinner. Maybe the only Western restaurant in the area other than McDonald’s. Meats and salads and soups.

Jiaoxi Turkish cuisine gourmet restaurant
No. 176號, Ren’ai Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, 262
0973 953 668


Looks great!! I’ll have to remember this next time I head out that way…

There’s a Japanese style hot spring in Jiaoxi that I really like; now I have this food to look forward to the next time I go!

Edit: And they’re open on Mondays! A bonus for me since I’m off on Mondays.

I’m planning a trip to Jiaoxi in November and was looking forward to eating at this place. Just checked Google Maps, and it says “permanently closed.” I tried searching 礁溪土耳其 in case they had moved, but nothing. @tango42 do you have an update? Or, is this another case of another one bites the dust?

I have no current info.

Very sad, was it too authentic to survive?