Jiayi to Taidong

How long a trip by car would it be from Jiayi to Taidong on the #20 South cross island highway by car?

I’m thinking about going tomorrow but if it takes more than a few hours then maybe another destination would be in order.

I was in Taidong last year and had a great time sitting across the street from the airforce base watching the planes doing their take off and landing exercises. There is a place where you can sit that it litterally a stones throw away from the F-16’s? when they are landing.

Fun stuff

Depending on how long you take to balk at the scenery and traffic, I’d say 4-6 hours.

Are you talking from Chiayi proper to Taidong proper? If so, it would probably be quicker and easier to take the Nan er gau south, cross over to Tawu and up on the 9.

I’ve done it in about 6.5 hours from Yangmei.

A bit longer than i thought.

I guess Alishan is my best bet for getting away in a short period of time.