Wifey’s brother’s getting married this weekend and she’s from Jiayi. Does anyone know of a top-end hotel in Jiayi and any recommendations for restaurants? I’m not a huge fan of Chinese wedding grub. Ta!

Calgary has great pizza.

You seem to be forgetting who the wedding is for, it’s not your brother-in-law’s or his new wifey, it’s her parents’ so none of you get any say,…

top-end hotel in Chiayi (Jiayi) and any recommendations for restaurants…???

Who you kidding? Top end hotels in Chiayi? There aint even any hotels worth mentiong in that cesspool of a town. As for food, all I heard is that they have this shite called Jiro-fan which is just white rice with some crumbs on chicken sprinkled on. Forget Chiayi, nothing happening there, unless you are going to Alishan.

Just enjoy the wedding and eat up, drink up. Better to stay in a hotel in Taichung and drive back and forth. Or sleep in your car. Chiayi is hicksville to the nth degree.

Thanks for the warning Formosa…but too late (the wedding was last Saturday, followed by the second performance in Kaohsiung on Sunday and the third in Taipei tomorrow!! Pure madness). I ended up staying in the ChinaTrust Hotel, which wasn’t too bad. This is the first time i’ve actually enjoyed a Chinese wedding and didn’t mind my short stay in Chiayi meeting ‘her’ folks.

Enjoyed the visit, will go back, but wouldn’t want to live there!!

Ha, you and are the other 250,000 residents!

Hey Formosa,

Some of us don’t have a choice about where we live. It’s definitely not Taipei and I’d appreciate if people who’ve lived in Chiayi for some time could show me the ropes. I’ve been here just over a month.

Shimmers, one of our quieter posters, almas john , has lived in Chia Yi for a number of years. You might want to send him a PM. He’s from NZ. Very smart, witty guy. If you like “the grog” as he refers to it, or are a smart and/or nubile young woman, all the better :laughing: . Either way, I’m sure he’ll offer some advice if he’s in town and not off in Mongolia somewhere doing research for his next book.