Jilong Ghost Festival

Does anyone know the date and time of the ‘Ghost Month Parade’ in Jilong? I know the day is sposd to be 15th (Lunar calendar) which would make it next Monday ot Tuesday, but I can’t find out if they have the festival on that day, or in the wekend. (Guanxi for the right answer)


Lunar 15th is Tuesday. Don’t know nothing about no parades though.

Every year they have a big parade thing in Jilong, followed by the supposedly dangerous (due to high presence of spirits) sending off of sea lanterns at nearby Badouzi. I’m just not sure if, it’s on the actual Ghost Day (Lunar 15th, next Tuesday) or on the nearest weekend.


To answer my own question, for anyone who’s interested, the Ghost Festival Parade is in Jilong tomorrow (Monday), kicking off around 4 or 5. If you get the train to Jilong Station, follow the people form there.


Shoulda been there!

Nice photo!