Jim Roger bullish on Taiwan

Has anyone here attended any of the seminars by Jim Rogers?

He’s quoted as saying Taiwan is his top pick. Would like to know what stocks he likes and why.

Rogers is author of several books on investments and co-founded the Quantum fund w George Soros. He retired at 37 to ride his motorcycle around the world, looking for investments.


Attend (first row) a presentation in Singapore ~2 years back. At that time he only berated Taiwan for not toeing the communist party line … I suspect Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world he hasn’t visited.

in his most recent book “Bull in China” he has good things to say about Taiwan,

in my opinion it is a pretty light weight book, I am really not sure what he was trying to accomplish, he says just to open your eyes about China etc…his other books are better. I am out of town right now, but when I get home I will look up the section about Taiwan again and repost

I remember him from college, my older brother had him for a class, interesting character…

Roger’s current optimism about Taiwan appears t to have legs, market is relatively strong. lets hope it lasts for a while.