Jimipresley's Very Own Narcissistic Thread

One of my old band mates just posted this on YouTube. This is the first music video I made. 1987. It’s a bit grainy and shit, but hell, I ROCK! That’s Jimi on guitar and vocals:

Here’s my very first studio recording. 1986. I didn’t know which end to hold a guitar. We were so poor. Couldn’t afford more than two strings. Anti-apartheid agit-pop. Me on drums and vocals:

:thumbsup: Jimmy.

My son walked over and said, “Mom, what are you doing? That is so unbelievably wierd.” :roflmao:

Thank you for your kind words, Ms Housecat. I shall, however, update this thread with some far more interesting material from my mature years. That stuff that I posted from my youth is mildly embarrassing. :blush: And not a little “weird”.

Here’s me circa 1991. Started to arrive by then. That’s young Jimi on guitar and vocals:

Rockin Mr P.

Yeah quintessential rock star!

1989 huh? I’ll chalk this up to the unintended consequences of the Sun City Boycott! :bravo:

Those were indeed heady times to be a South African, young Maceck.

I finally got a chance to listen to them, because I wanted it loud. The first one was Pink Floyd and the second one was Lou Reed. And I mean that in a good way. The third one was just crazy shit. I liked all of them.

How cool is that?! :bravo:

Can’t wait for the midget porn.

I guess you can guess which one I like jimi :slight_smile: bom-bom-BOM bom-bom-BOM bom-bom-BOM bom-bom-BOM :slight_smile: wicked

:bravo: :thumbsup: :discodance:

Superbomundo. Most underrated ignored by MTV song of the 80s. :lick: :beatnik: :lovestruck:

Great Stuff Jimi. Good to see there was life before Taiwan and even a pretty decent crowd.

Here’s the very last thing I recorded. Circa 1999. A two-piece. Guitar and vox. That’s Jimi on guitar and backing vox. Pity the live mix removes the guitar after the first bit. :smiley:

Oh, and this was the first song of the set:

I’ve heard those songs before. Now, where was? Were they presented as evidence of cruel torture at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? :smiley:

Good full-on rage-against-the-man music there Jimi. You sure don’t do things by half.

Need more tender love ballads…

…and cowbell.

If you lot are interested in podcasts, one of my better “hits” will be broadcast in protest against the incarceration of journalists in Libya: facebook.com/notes/free-anto … 5105100552

That’s young Jimi in the picture.