Jimmy Dore: What liberal minded people need to pay attention to is

This guy is consistent and reassuring for a liberal like myself.

I heard bits of him from Rogan and he seemed particularly insightful.

Do you follow him on a regular basis?

His show pops up on my YT suggestions. I just subbed the channel and that AOC one popped up this morning. I’d say he is what I thought Obama’s Dems were going to be like.

I’ve seen him on YTY.

I don’t much like his style though, replaying one clip again and again and again and snarking at it. It’s like the flob in the old days when the lawyers would go through someone’s post line by line shredding it, and the response to their response would do the same. It fills time apparently…this video is 20 minutes long and could have been five easy.

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He is too much into conspiracy theories for my taste. I like Rogan usually.

I’m a little slow on the uptake so this is what I like about it.

Haven’t gotten that deep into his show to notice. I’ve just started to pay attention to his show. His and Brilliant Idiots’ show are on rotation for me so I don’t get too jaded by watching Crowder or Rubin too much.

So there’s rioting in the street right now, as a populist concerned with the anger and resentment of the working class, what would you say to people in the streets protesting right now?

Grow up.

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That’s why your guy is 4 and done.

No, really, grow up.

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Future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

In other news, liberals are buying guns.

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A new gooder.