Jinshan beach? Hot or hole?

Sounds like the beach to avoid!! Anyone been?

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Jinshan a developing hot spot for waves, sun, sand and biendangs
By Adam Ulfers
Friday, Jul 02, 2004,Page 18

Dudes, where’s the waves? Sun and surf at Jinshan beach in Taipei County.

Weekend getaways to Thailand or Bali are an ocean away, but a similar beach experience with an enjoyably distinctive Taiwanese twist is just a 45-minute drive from Taipei.

Jinshan (金山) is a quaint beachside community on the northeast coast of Taiwan that has remained one of Taipei County’s best-kept secrets.

Anyone under the impression that the Taiwanese do not like the beach, or swimming, are in for a shock at Jinshan.

As a testament to a growing beach culture on the island, over the weekend one might find anywhere between 100 and 300 people at the Taipei County hotspot.

You may encounter a terrifying one-piece bathing suit or Spandex eyesore, but bikini-clad bunnies and bronzed surfers represent a growing population along the country’s coastline, bobbing offshore, tossing Frisbees, riding waves or simply basking in the sun.

With five surf clubs in a 200m radius, Jinshan has the necessary resources (surfboards for rent and sale) and qualified instructors.

Johnny Hu (胡兆祥), the proprietor of the 120-member Johnny Rose Surf Club, provides a variety of services from half-day lessons to two-day surfing trips.

A Toshiba engineer during the week, Hu says, “This is a very convenient and clean beach. Since I arrived less than a year ago, I’ve seen a lot more people everyday.”

There are local variations on the world’s stereotypical beach scene – swim caps, biendangs (lunchboxes) and excessive littering – but the scene is developing into the international norm.

There are an increasing number of eateries and coffee shops under construction to satisfy the crowds frequenting the shoreline.

Another shop owner, who calls himself Kevin (小傳) offers volleyballs, footballs, cooled refreshments and other beach essentials.

His store, Surfing Shop, also offers aspiring surfers a modestly priced daily rental fee for boards, with a complimentary lesson included.

“You won’t find overly competitive shop keepers or unfriendly surfers in the water, we just want people to have a good time,” Kevin said.

The stores are located on either side of the beach entrance, others less than a block away, marked by economical hand painted signs.

Bring a full bottle of sunscreen, a pair of sandals and a big towel for a day off in the sun.

Thailand, Bali, or … Jinshan? I want some of what Adam Ulfers has been smoking!

I visited Jinshan Beach in May 1990. It was covered with garbage. And I’m not just talking about pieces of litter scattered hither and yon - it looked like flotsam from a garbage vessel had washed up and covered the entire beach. It was unusable. I had heard people say how nice a beach it was, but I was utterly repelled when I saw it.

The nicest beach I ever saw in Taiwan was an isolated beach in the deep south on the west coast, with golden sand and beautiful, clear water. And NOBODY was there. I wish I remembered exactly where it was. It was not too far from Pingtung.

Is he talking about Green Bay? If he is, I also want some of whatever he’s on! If there is that nice a beach up there it’s about time to go clear a launch and fly my paraglider there :smiley:

Jinshan is not Green Bay. It’s another half an hour or so north. There are two beaches in town though people only seem to swim at one.

Oh yeah, I have been there, but only at night. I’ll go check it out in the daytime.

I’m thinking of going to Jinshan Beach tomorrow for some surfing.
Has anyone been there recently?
Is it still the craphole it’s purported to be?

Its the surfer beach he is talking about and it has seen a huge buildup this summer, a lot more shops and facilities and young poeple. It is the college kids beach, but I don’t think any foreigners go there. It is a recent hot place. I think it is because of some Chinese language Taiwan travel shows talk about surfing and introduced this beach. Drove by yesterday and it was packed out. It is not Greenbay. It is past Greenbay. Kind of the first beach you see from the road …um after you pass it if you do not know which one. Look for the shops with surfboards and you know you are there. If you get to the Greek style coffeeshop on the waterside with blue windows, with nothing else around it, then you went too far. Now how to tell, you where. If it is Saturday or Sunday and there are loads of cars all over the place on the main road and at least a dozen people minimum surfing, then you are at the right beach.

heres jinshan on a weekend