Jo JO- black lab

Jo Jo is a 2 year old black lab. He was purchased by a taiwanese couple who are moving to China in 1 week. Being a pet his whole life I’m afraid he doesn’t have the street smarts to survive on the street. I’m afraid he will be abondoned by next week. He’s got a great personality and rarely barks. Please look at his pic in Taiwanted

Nice looking dog!

Labs are popular - you’ll get her a home for sure.

Keep up the good work, whitetiger!

Did they tell you that they would abondoned him? Or wanted to get rid of him? If so, that’s good and that sucks for him. Good on you.

Ya they told me they are leaving Sept. 15 and their mother will does not want to keep the dog. They said the mother does not know enough about dogs to take care of him. I told them that she should learn and she could have a new best friend because she is often alone in a small farm town. They fail to see the logic behind my suggestions.

I’m happy to report that JO JO has found a new home. :slight_smile:

Man, you’re good! :astonished:

:slight_smile: :bravo: :notworthy:

That was quick! :thumbsup:

Good to know she won’t be abandoned. Well done.