Job Advice Needed

This is a hypothetical question, OK?
What would you choose? Two places want to hire me. The pay is about the same. One place is a legal job, with an ARC, health insurance, taxes …; the other is an illegal job, but they are taking 10% off in “taxes.” As far as I can see, the work is essentially the same, (but not teaching). The problem: I’ve already started at the illegal place, so I would feel really guilty if I left it so soon after starting, and the people there seem nice. The other place - who knows?

As someone who has been screwed for being overly loyal I wouldn’t advise you to remain in a potentially shaky position for that reason alone.

As uncomfortable as it may be for the moment, you’re here in Taiwan for yourself, right? Who else is going to look out for you?

If anything goes wrong at the illegal place, you’re screwed and no amount of loyalty will help you then.

If you can secure a job that is legal, do it.

Taipei just doesn’t seem to be the place to take chances if you’ve nothing else to fall back on.

I’d vote legal. If you want more work, you could always add hours from elsewhere that might not be strictly legal.

do you need the arc might be a worthwhile question. or do you have one from another job, a marriage etc.? would affect my decision. but maybe taking the hypothetical situation further than was originally intended …

if this was primary job, i would tend to go with the legal position, because getting thrown outta the country would suck. and honestly, how much loyalty is there here, although i am of the opinion that a non-bushiban job might have more, depending on the situation.

I’d vote for the legal job. That way you get medical and dental coverage, no hassles getting back into Taiwan if you choose to leave for a vacation, and you can rent or own a scooter.

I would also vote for the legal job. Why is the illegal job illegal? Why can’t they get you an ARC? What kind of work is this? You mentioned that it is not teaching, so if it is editing perhaps the illegal job is worried (or can’t be bothered) about the requirement for work expereince (two years ?).

Anyway, I say go legal, and as SJ said, add hours later elsewhere if needed.

Oh, how long have you been working at the illegal place. Can you think of a graceful exit strategy? One that won’t have them causing trouble for you down the line?

I’m all in favour of being legalish, somehow. But if this is your only job and they hold your ARC then you are out of options if it doesn’t work out. My first year in Taiwan was pretty unsatisfactory due to employers who though that holding my ARC was the same as holding my balls. Control issues are a far bigger bugbear than any other work or paperwork hassles I’ve come across.

If you’re happy where you are then moving is not necessarily good. But you have to weigh the cost of maintaining your visa status some other way. I would bear in mind the cost of a visa run etc. if the ARC job doesn’t work out - and there’s also a thread (I think it’s in the teaching forum) about how you have to do a visa run anyway to get an ARC these days. Something to do with new rules.

If it’s cheaper over, say, six months to keep on doing what you’re doing then stick with it.

Also, if you are who I think you are then you know who I am. I can recommend you into a p/t (evening/weekend) job that’ll secure you an ARC.