Job Fair Featuring Non-Teaching Jobs

On Saturday, September 28, there will be a job fair in Taipei featuring many professional jobs for foreigners. There will be 20+ company booths as well as panel discussions on an array of professional topics, including one panel featuring government officials talking about recent and proposed progressive changes to improving the job-seeking and hiring processes for foreign talent in Taiwan. Full company list will be announced this week, but here’s a sneak peek: Gogoro, TrendMicro, EMQ, KKDay, Taroko Software, Codementor, and many more.

In addition to the booths and speeches, there will be tacos, fresh Hainan chicken lunchboxes, snacks provided by Carrefour, and Taihu beer on tap. Hope to see you there!

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Can we know what are the opening positions in advance?
I’d like to make sure it would be worth going there. I had bad experience with similar events from Taitra in the past, where all the positions were entry-level for recent college graduate people…

Totally feel your pain on Taitra job fairs. We are soliciting a full list of openings from our exhibitors, so there are many more to come, but here is the list so far (only a few companies have responded). We’ll post the full list on the event page and I’ll try to remember to come back here and post it, too.

Technical Recruiter
Product Manager
Data Analyst
Account Executive
Marketing Specialist
English and Technical Writer
Javascript Engineer
Business Development (Junior and Senior)
Content Creators (Writing, Video, Design)

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I remember seeing this, and and being interested. Are there any options for educators outside of the usual English teaching gigs that aren’t tech related, for example textbook editors, curriculum developers, teacher-trainers/presenters, etc, that kind of thing? Or translators wanted (without Chinese) English/Spanish/German by chance?
Of course I’ll check the website for info

Great questions. We do have some education companies coming (Skyrock Projects and Hale Education Group, and there may be a third) that are looking for roles other than teaching. There will also be writing and editing jobs with other kinds of companies, which is a common career segue way for a lot of teachers.

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Awesome! Thank you so much for the reply. Appreciate it!

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Full company list here.

When the full list of opportunities is available, please also let us know.

Here’s a mostly-complete list of job titles:

Sales & Marketing
Sales Manager
Account Executive
Marketing Specialist
Communications Specialist
Marketing Outreach Coordinator
Digital Marketer
Business Developer
Partnerships Manager

Website Engineer
English and Technical Writing Editor
Product Manager
Data Analyst
JavaScript Engineer
Graphics Engineer
Graphic Designer
QA Engineer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Full-Stack / Server Developer
Developer Interns (iOS/ Android/ Server/ Machine Learning)
Design Manager
Product Intern
Operations Intern
Industrial Designer

Food & Beverage
Restaurant Management Trainee
Franchisee Business Consultant
Franchise Services Coordinator

International Business
ASEAN Brand Ambassador Interns
Thai Market BD Specialist

Supply Chain
Planning Management
Demand Management
Quality Assurance

Finance Director
Business Analyst
Accounting Manager

English and Technical Writing Editor
Freelance Opportunities for Editors, Legal Writers, & Technical Writers

Technical Recruiter

Instructor & Curriculum Developer
Instructor & Branch Manager

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