Job in psychometrics or psychology?

I have an APRC my new wife is a psychologist who specialises in psychometrics.

Her first language is Farsi and second English, what are her chances of getting work? What recruitment agencies can I contact?

Thank you

Here there seems to be no psychology due to the NHI. There are plenty psychiatrists, who only treat with drugs. The NHI is a numbers game. The more patients you see the more you make. You are lucky to get a ten minute consultation with any doctor.

I am not even sure if a degree in psychology is recognised here? With no Chinese I seriously doubt she will be able to practice. She would need to be sponsored in order to get a work permit anyway, which I do not think is going to happen.

Agree with bigduke6, but in your wife’s case this might not be a problem. Since she’s not a clinical psychologist, she won’t have to engage with the NHI and its many perversities. It might well be possible for her to operate a private consultancy offering services to large companies (employee screening, for example) but you’d need to check if there are any licensing requirements. And she would at least need to be conversational in Chinese.

What about the community service center in Tienmu? I am sure they have a need for psychologists, just don’t know if they actually pay anything.