Job in the Health and Fitness Industry

Hi Im Brazillian living in Australia, Im a Personal Trainer here and would like to know if there is any oportunity for foreigners to work in this area in Taiwan. I speak a pretty good english however I’m not a native speaker, neither English teacher and eventhough I could do well teaching English I dont really want to do this. I’m a football (soccer) coach for children and semi-pro player as well, but I do know how is football situation in taiwan as I’ve been to Taipei and in touch with people from the Football Association. My chinese is poor, but I would study to learn, and my wife is taiwanese. If someone could help out with some tips… Thanks a lot!

I believe there are quite a few companies in Taiwan that are eager to reach the Brazilian market and would consider hiring locals to help them do so.

It won’t be good money and it won’t be doing anything similar to what you’re doing in Australia, but it may be something you could do temporarily until you got the connections you’d need to become a personal trainer in Taiwan. Training Taiwanese in Football sounds as difficult as as teaching cricket to Brazilians.

Thanks for that, it is good to know that I might have some option doing something until settle down. Cheers