Job market shrinking? 9-11?

I’ve just been in Taipei a couple months, but I’ve found, especially during the past month, that teaching jobs in this city are hard to come by.

The language school who gave me my ARC only gives me ten hours a week and I’ve been looking for some more work so that I can at least survive. Everywhere I look either doesn’t call me back or they overlap the three nights I work at my current job.

One school that seemed to be hiring like crazy a few months ago told me it was because of the 9-11 attacks and that because foreigners are afraid to come to the United States, this has left many ESL teachers out of work. As a result, they have come here for work.

Are there any thoughts on this? The last time I was here, it seemed so easy to find an English teaching position, but now…yikes.


I was in the teaching game for a while earlier this year and yes Taipei is not that easy to get a job anymore, in my own experience and what other people told me. Depends on the time of year too , sept, oct there are tonnes of places open.
As for the Sept 11 attacks, if you did a head count of teachers here most are Kiwi, Canadian South African , not American at all. The Canadians have virtual ghettos out there !(well your not that buy guys just go easy on the maple leaves).
I put them in that order for a reason , you can figure it out. That is the great fallacy of foreigners in Taiwan, Americans are in the minority as far as I can make out.

The situation in the global economy is not so hot so a lot of other foreigners might be here. However if you left Taipei you would realise there are plenty of jobs in JungLi, Taouyuan, Taichung, Hsinchu and Kaoishung . Personally if I had the choice I’d be down to Hsinchu or Taichung in a jiffy.

good luck , you’ll find something decent soon.
If not hang on for a good contract to open after Chinese New Year, get talking to schools next month they’ll be interested in a one year sign.

Thanks for the information…
I’m sure the issue has been brought up before, why ARE there so many Canadians teaching English here? I know Hess has a recruiting station in CA, but someone also told me that a Canadian documentary film maker made a movie about the Taiwan scene. Does anyone know anything about this? I found the best way to get a job during these times is to tell a bigger lie than the last guy about your qualifications. sheesh. Cheers,
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