Job Offer and Wanting Comments

I’ve been offered a job teaching kindy at a private elementary school. The package is fair, and no tax because it falls within the school system rather than buxibans. And I get paid for the first month to write up the following semester’s curriculum in the afternoon.

My hesitation comes because of the class size - 15-20, depending on enrollment. I’ve been lucky for the past couple of years and the largest class I’ve taught was 12 in number. More usually they’ve been around 6-10.

I get strong input into the textbooks we will use and have a good one in mind. And the Chinese teacher is there to help me alongside her duties.

I’d really like some feedback on whether this sounds doable in a good way. Aka: how to teach a class of 20 pre-schoolers in a way that is effective/satisfying and with a minimum of wasted energy.

Some key aspects I have in mind are making sure I get a good textbook, good routines for the class, and involving the Chinese teacher as much as I can.

Any ideas/examples of how to make it work would be welcome.

Depending on how long the classes are, and the english ability of the teacher, you could split it into two groups.

Maybe. You’d have to sell it to the parents as, 2 hours a day in a class of 10 with the native English teacher, along with 2 hours with the Chinese teacher, being better than four hours in a class of 20 with both of them.

It was 18 for me at that school I showed you. It’s as easy as pie once you get the hang of it.

Straight from the horses mouth. Though it is another school brother. This one is’n Wanlong and total immersion. They seem to expect a lot. I think you’re right, tho, same pie more or less. Thanks for the positivity.