Job offer, but problems with taxes

I’m not being an idiot, just playing the curious card here. A school offered me a job teaching elementary kids. It is a rather large school / kindergarten. Kindergarten is downstairs, older kid’s classes are upstairs. The pay is decent and the staff seem friendly enough too.

The catch:

Me: I have my ARC through my JFRV, so I have open work rights. Let me get that for you so you can take care of my taxes, etc.

School: Ummmm, don’t worry that. We can just pay you cash.

Me: So you are not licensed properly? Shouldn’t I be paying taxes? What are the risks of me getting deported for working for you without paying taxes?

School: None of our foreign teachers before have problem with this. The police never come here; we make sure of that by pay some money.

My question to you experienced and all-knowing forumosans is: What kind of trouble can a JFRV holding, open ARC holding foreigner get into for working at an unlicensed school and not paying taxes?

I’m also wondering about this exact situation. I’ve had my arc now through my school for about 6 months, but have been getting paid in cash with no taxes taken out.
When I asked about what why I’m not paying any taxes, I was told that my reported income was low enough that I didn’t have to pay.
I am very skeptical about what my school is doing, and am worried about what will happen when it comes time to file.
On a side note, another strange thing about my arc is that I’m also not paying for medical insurance, thus I don’t have it.
Can someone please shed some light on the situation. Will I end up having to pay back taxes plus interest? What should I expect to happen? Thanks for any insight.

About DJM’s post - unless your ARC specifies that you’re here only as a student, you’ll be royally screwed when it comes to tax time. The government will know that you have a job because they need to see a signed contract for you to get an ARC, so they’ll be expecting you to notify them of your income and pay taxes.

I may be wrong - I’m not an expert. Just thinking logically here. Maybe I’m overestimating the ability of the government?

As for the first post, I really don’t know at all - I’d just be guessing here. I doubt they’d deport you for that since it wouldn’t be working illegally - only tax evasion, something which a huge proportion of the locals engage in.

Taxes? Why would you want to pay taxes if you have a JFRV? I’m in the same situation and I just told my school I don’t want to pay taxes.

The only thing which made me inclined to pay taxes before was the fact that if I didn’t I couldn’t renew my work permit. No problem with that now. If any “authorities” come to your school to check for ARCs well, ‘ta da’ you have one. They won’t ask about taxes. The tax department is a different entity and they certainly don’t cooperate.

Seriously, the only reason most Taiwanese pay taxes is because they can get Labour Insurance. Well guess what? As a foreigner you can’t get that.

Do you see any incentives to pay tax? I certainly don’t.

Yeah, just take the money. It’s an illegal job, but you have very little chance of being caught, since your school is paying bribes.

Take the position. Now that you’re married, you just have to fill in one tax form anyway. They won’t ask too many questions. However, if the police appear at the school— just duck and hide under the desk.

If it’s a good gig, take it.
The JFRV means a bit of freedom with regards to the legal issues. Some schools actually prefer to hire JFRV holders as it offers a paperless trail to the authorities. Assuming the school has a buxiban license for the older kids’ classes, then you’re all set.
And if the police or ministry of education types show up, just don’t be caught actually in the act of teaching. You were performing a famous Byelorussian pantomine. You lost your wedding ring somewhere around here. Et, cetera.
Most large kindies have an elaborate anti-snooping array installed. A dozen or so seconds are all that is needed for a change in stance.
let us know how it turns out.