Job Opportunities for CFA Candidates?

I’m enrolled in the CFA program due to an interest in finance, but what I’ve heard about the industry in Taiwan hasn’t been promising. Does anyone know about any real job prospects in the local industry? Feedback would be greatly appreciated…

My 2c…

In Taiwan, if you are a foreigner it is very much a game of who, not what you know. I know many foreigners doing equities research with no Chinese ability nor CFA quals.

The flip is a mate who is bi-lingual and has a CFA 9done in Mandarin) and he is doing nicely as well.

In the finance industry, nothing beats guanxi.

Once you have the CFA, you start rubbing shoulders with people, and try to get into a local house - they are often looking for staff. After a year or 4 you can move on to bigger and better foreign owned things.