Job opportunity in the IT area in Taichung for a foreigner?

Hello!! I was just wondering… does anybody knows how hard is to get a job opportunity in the IT area in Taichung for a foreigner?? Can someone give me an advice?? I would really really appreciate!!

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I cannot advise on your chances on the job market, but tell you about the legalities.
Unless you are here on JFRV or APRC you will need at least a bachelor degree and two years work experience after graduation. Additionally your employer must pay you at least 48,800 NT$ a month. In case you graduated from a university under jurisdiction of the ROC Ministry of Education there is no work experience requirement and the minimum monthly salary is reduced to 37,800 NT$.

Do not work without a work permit.

Hello!! First of all thanks for your reply! I know that I need a legal permit to work in Taiwan its just that Im investigatin about the job opprotunities there because I may travel next year with a scholarship to taichung and I want to travel with my husband…The scholarship is for three years so I really want to go along with my husband. I’ve been reading a lot about the legal requierments is just that I don’t have a clear view of the job opportunities. My husband has a bachelor degree in computer scienc and five years of work experience.

Just to clarify, we really don’t intend to work without a work permit I just want to know about the chances of getting a job for my husband in the IT area. Thanks a lot for you advice!!

If your background is IT then I would try Hsinchu Science Park, that is only 20 minutes to the north of Taichung by High Speed Rail.

Just one question about that! each ticket from Taichung - Hsinchu costs NT$ 450? isn’t that very expensive for a daily trip?

It’s not feasible to travel to Hsinchu everyday because the high speed station is also a bit far from the science park. Maybe forget that idea.

I believe it is possible to get some type of IT or maybe a sales job in Taichung (because of Spanish skills). You’ve already been given some advice on this.

Thank you very much for the advice, I will keep it in mind and you are right someone posted about the benefit of spanish skills but we just want to be pretty sure before we make the move.

Taizhong doesn’t offer many jobs. It was a more construction and blue collar related city until more recently even those jobs are becoming scarce. You can try Taizhong first and if nothing comes through, go north. Even Taipei may work because the pay range is significantly higher. He can rent a room in the city and commute back to Taizhong on weekends. My sister did that for two years. She was in Xinchu Science Park. Her company provided her a 2-people dorm room. She then came back to Taizhong when she had her days off.
Salary offered in Taizhong is sadly, very low and then, there are the crazy work hours and crazy managers and coworkers.

that sounds more positive! thank you!! in this forum someone recommend me to try Hsinchu Science Park because its full with IT companies… I am triying to apply to Chung Hua university too so we have Hsinchu as an option too! I think at least it will be better to have a long distance relationship in the the same country than to have a long distance relationship in two different countries which have 14 hours as time difference.

Localness is somewhat important in job search. Usually employers prefer to hire someone from the same area. Of course, if it’s highly skilled and specialized, they’d hire anyone they can find anywhere in Taiwan.

When you look for jobs in another city, use a local address is a good strategy. You can say you have a good friend here and you are staying with him/her for the time being. They are fine with someone staying with a relative but not a real local. If it’s not possible, don’t lie. Be honest and yourself and it maybe okay too. People like to know your personal life if you lie to get in, later you may need to carry a notebook to keep your story correct.