Job Placement Services in Taiwan

The links below are to local job placement services here in Taiwan. They require a payment of 3000Nt for six months access to their respective sites. Is this a good investment?

In general …no. Any decent placement agency would take the lions share of your first months income, not charge you in advance for posting and reading resumes from their website. Of those two sites one does not have English pages and on the other the English page link is a dead end error.

Looks bad to me.


(By the way i was kidding about the lions share its usually a reasonable percentage)


I’m doing translation work. I can see several request on the site for translation services. I just want to know if anybody has paid for this service and come up empty.

here is your chance, then, to lead the way. But I would find a contact and address and ask some questions first. i.e success rate, frequency of translation work, etc.


I’m registered with 104 and I was never asked for any money.
I agree a decent agency would not ask for money from the job-seekers. They seem to do nothing more (indeed a lot less) than Job-Centres in the UK. Employment agencies there that I have used charge the company that hires you, but then again they have to work for their money.

Well the thread is about a century old…

The links in the first post seem to be OK. Maybe I misunderstood victoriaw’s post.