Job search timing

Hi all, I’m thinking about making the switch from Korea to Taiwan in July/August of this year. Is it realistic to think that schools (private) will consider teaching applications this far in advance or should I wait a bit closer to the time?
Also, will schools outside the large chains consider hiring someone who is applying from abroad?

Thanks for any input!

Hey buddy.
Sorry about the slow response. July/August is probably the best time to get over here and make the switch. Unfortunately for you, nobody in Taiwan thinks ahead. You’ll probably need to wait until June or May at the earliest.

Outside the chain schools, almost nobody hires from abroad. They don’t have the reach or the know-how. Nor do they even need to. There’s plenty of teachers here already.

Employers here also don’t generally consider experience in places like Korea. I used to teach in China and buxibans here didn’t care about that, either. You’ll likely be starting from scratch.

And just so you know, money will be a lot less here compared to Korea. Many chain schools, including HESS, will make you do tons of unpaid work. Bottom line: less money and probably more work. I don’t know how bad Korea is going for you, but make sure you understand what you’re coming into, here.

Feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help

Thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated!
I enjoy living and working in Korea but having visited on holiday I think Taiwan has more to offer.
I would only leave for a good job though and from what I’ve read here, that seems unlikely for a newbie.
I’ll keep looking and keep my options open anyway.

Thanks again!