Job... what would you do?

Oh great and wonderful gurus of forumosa… what would you do in the following situation?

I have been offered a new contract at work… 10% raise and benifits. YIPPEE i say to myself, but wait, there is a catch, and a big one at that…

I now go from a 12 month contract to a 14 month contract… so for the math …I have to wait for 16 months (Chinese New Year 2005) to effectivly get the raise. My raise is therefore 1% until 2005.

Now, granted I am getting benifits, hard ball has ended up so that basically it is the rock and the hard place…//

So as my favorite lyrics say

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

So they are telling you that you will get a raise in 2005?

What kind of benefits are you getting?

Congratulations sharky. NT$33,000 per month, that’s great! :wink: I guess they’re not moving your whole company over to China after all.

Of course the answer depends in part on your hubby. Can he continue at his job for another year? Are the two of you happy here? If so, then you’re certainly with a good company (huge US firm), so continuing there will either help you to move up in their firm or will look great on your resume. And the little sharkettes will speak Chinese. Why wouldn’t you take it?

Sharky, who do you work for? I’m just curious.


Lets just say I work for a Taiwan sub of a Fortune 500 company… rather not say names…

Oh hell, don’t be bashful sharky. If you don’t want to name names, then just attach a link to their site:

Have you tried shopping yourself around?

Since you’ve got experience you’re probably worth more on the open market and don’t even know it… always live life knowing that you have choices and never settle for less! (well that’s a motto i like to live with)

damn, MT how dare you reveal my dirty secret…

I am actually the author of all of those whitty fortunes you read back
at Hung Far Low, your corner Chinese Food Restaurant in the States



I forgot about that place in Portland’s china town: Hung Far Low. We used to always laugh at their sign when we went in for dim sum next door. … NGLOW.html


I hear Keefer Fortune Cookie Company provides great stock options, expat packages, and 401ks.