Jobs in February?

Back in 2008 I came to Taiwan and ended up working at the same buxiban for 2.5 years straight. Good times. I returned back to the US, completed all the coursework for a Masters in Teaching except for the crucial 4-month full-time teaching experience. (I decided that teaching in the US was not for me, and that the job market for teachers in the States wasn’t that bright at all. Other reasons too… but that’s for another day.)

My question is, in this job market, how insane would it be for me to arrive in Taipei in February and look for cram school jobs? I’m 24, a guy, and outgoing.

If anyone wants to give me their :2cents: or tell me what their experience of looking for jobs in the early part of a year is like… I’m sure I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Mac, I don’t see why you couldn’t find a job in Taipei almost anytime of the year. However, an MA and working in a cram school? I do realize you could move onto other things beyond a cram school, but in your 2 years here did you see anything that you could have gotten into besides cram school teaching if you had had an MA?

I didn’t actually complete my Masters in Teaching. I did do all the necessary academic courses and taught both middle school and elementary students over the course of the program. The one thing I lacked was a full-time placement. I do hope that the fact that

  1. I have taught at one Taiwanese cram school for almost 3 years straight and
  2. I have some training in teaching
    should help me find a job. I’m just curious if the post Chinese New Year time is a really difficult time to find jobs in Taipei.

All I know is… I miss Taipei :smiley: Cheers.

You’ll be able to find something.

You’ll be able to find something but bear in mind you might have to work 2 jobs + some tutoring gigs to earn enough to live and save a little money on.
Teaching hours are always lower than what potential employers state. E.g. 20 hours would most likly be half that.