Jobs of the future

If you had a daughter(s) who doesn’t want to be an engineer or work with numbers but can speak/write fluently in Chinese and English , and can speak pretty well in Spanish and French, then what kind of companies or career path would you suggest for her.
She has a high EQ. Nah she doesn’t want to teach or translate. She wants to use her languages though. I suggest public relations or something like that. She’s doing some marketing and business too. She’s pretty interested in investment , so when I say not interested in numbers I mean not accounts, engineering etc.
Also I am trying to predict which jobs will get knocked out by AI.
Any thoughts?
She’s a British / Taiwan citizen. Currently in a Taiwan uni.

And others advice such as Gain appreciated.




Cheers for asking Crusher.

International marketing, brand marketing, digital marketing, social media management, events management


She would also be suited to the hospitality industry, but its pretty low paid and awful hours usually. Saying that she could work with the big platforms such as expedia or airbnb. Or with travel tour companies.
I guess she doesnt want to go into the legal profession ?

International business or politics (e.g. state dept).


What does she want to do? She should have at least some thoughts on the subject?


I think you should consider influencer seriously. In the future there will be more value placed on individual brands. Individuals would be less willing to damage their reputation than those working as shareholders behind for profit companies.

Take a look at Cathy Wood - she’s not good at numbers and invests randomly based on her faith, lately her fund is losing a lot due to this, but her role as an influencer made her a billionaire and she collects those sweet management fees from her loyal influencer followers so it doesn’t impact her standard of living.

You only live once, don’t regret that you didn’t aim for the moon when you’re 60. I wouldn’t work a normal 9-5 job where if you’re lucky you’ll end up middle income household income by the time you’re old. Aim for the moon and if you don’t get anywhere when you’re 40, then it’s time to retire to a regular career.

This is the kind of talk I wish my parents gave to me when I was 10 instead of me figuring things out at 30.


I have three kids. Two Taiwan/Canada citizens, the other one Canada citizen and likely French in the near future (and UK is open to him too as I am a dual UK/Canadian).

First two, much older, followed traditional engineering/medical school routes. Younger one is 13 but fluent in French, English and Mandarin. All a good in numbers and Math, but think diplomacy/government is the best route for the younger one. Having worked for three governments worldwide during my career, I think the triple language skills could be very useful for him in that career possibility.

For your kid, 4 languages makes me think that would be a good career path, and if she is a UK national, paths are available that are probably easier to get into than Taiwan?


Please don’t do influencer. It’s over saturated and honestly kind of a joke now. The golden days of influencers are over.

For jobs of the future, here’s an interesting concept, the doorman fallacy.

I believe in the future, dealing with humans will be a luxury. I also feel like humans will feel more comfortable having human interactions.

You said she likes investments? You don’t need to be good at pure math to do that. You do need to be comfortable with numbers. The highest level of math you need is basically algebra, probability, statistics, some trigonometry. You do need to be able to do fast math and be intuitive with numbers. For example you need to able understand that 50 is 25% more than 40. Relationships with numbers basically.

In the future, the financial advisor industry will separate into two sectors. Your basic financial advisory for normal people will be done by AI. It’s already happening.

The other is wealth management/family office. Wealth management requires more planning and not just always investing. It includes tax planning efficiency, wills, handling money for a family for generations, trusts, and more. There is an important role in wealth management I don’t see being replaced which is relationship managers.

Relationship managers don’t need to do much math and finance day to day like portfolio managers/Analysts but need to understand it and explain it.

If she’s a strong communicator and speaks multiple languages, this may be a role for her. But she will need a financial background, probably.

She’s also a British national and London is the financial capital of Europe and won’t be leaving anytime soon despite EU trying to make moves after brexit.


She could also go down asset management as a relationship manager.

It’s pretty much the same as above with wealth management/family office. But asset management is more for institutional money. So for example pension for a large corporation. You manage that relationship with the client and there’s some sales involved.


In the UK context, as Andrew0409 suggests, finance/consulting jobs in the City can offer very lucrative career paths. It’s a rat race though with long hours. And as I posted in another thread, the pensions in the private sector, are very average. If she’s really gifted, that’s not a worry as the salaries/bonuses are sky high in finance, but given the high living costs of the City, it can be hard in normal salary ranges.



You can look into My industry: Advertising, many major firms work out of London, with multinational national background can get jobs now with a certain skill set

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I feel being an influencer is like becoming a pop star. Everyone wants to be one but very few gets to be one, and maybe a tiny minority of that becomes famous.


Bad luck, you decide to leave EU, otherwise she could study easily all around EU. Joke aside, let’s get serious now.

It’s not only about AI,but world has entered into decoupled stage, new cold war. China will become less important,but not nessarily Chinese people, cause of their commitment to invest and work hard. This is key. With AI transfer and buildings industries will happen faster. Way faster. By GDP % growth, periphery countries being next to big established country will gain the most. Buying apartment in those countries will go a long way. Most new millionaires will be created in those countries. Mexico cause of proximity to USA, partly Brazil. In Europe Poland - cheap energy and proxy to German industry. In Asia vietnam is on the rise, and Taiwanese companies must be there too. Although Taiwanese usually pay crap salaries.
This is macro picture for next 15 years. Question is how to capture it. High EQ with passion for business, HR can be good career choice. Especially when one has “only business degree”. Everyone needs HR, can go private with working agency, stuff consultant company etc. HR should know more languages.

Another good option for her would be study medicine, and do specialization for psychiatrist. It’s very hard life profession with high pay and can talk to client in multiple languages. Also probably can move around countries easier than dentist for that matter. Can help people as doctor. Very rewarding profession. Establish office for clients, do Uni work, write books, corporate with business. Medical university is indeed a strong background. High barrier to enter field. Elder population, and expanding middle class worldwide pump money into this sector. I have a neighbor, Greece girl, which does research for American company. She is not a doctor, but she completed a medical university.They open a division here in Germany. Her role is get more colleagues, establish office and than move on to next country. Great life for child free person.

You daughter can also enroll master in Geneva, Switzerland. Than will be easier to get a first job locally there, but still very difficult. What you have to have in mind, is super hard to start a career in Europe. Unpaid internships and tone of other nonsense. Best would be you daughter finishes bachelor in Taiwan, get a two years experience at Taiwan corporation first. And enrolled master abroad afterwards. This will give her upper hand in Europe, Canada or USA from her peeps.

She can do her master in Switzerland or in neighbouring cheaper France. Switzerland it’s a high pay country with lower income taxes than neighbouring countries. Great nature and businesses from all around world. Experience in Switzerland looks very good on CV worldwide. And with fluent French probably is easy to get job in Montreal (Canada)

North America, Canada and USA have a lot of high pay jobs which are rare in Europe & Taiwan, one thing to keep in mind. But cost in those countries can be crazy too. This is another side of coin.


Look for education that can complement her soft skills of language and high EQ. Get some hard skills that allows her to be flexible.

I like finance and I would say I’m similar with her that I speak multiple languages, experiences multiple cultures, I’m not sure if I have high EQ but I’m pretty good with interpersonal skills.

Financial education made me more analytical and I exited to be more entrepreneurial. For example I basically got loans at like 6% cost of capital. Not 6% interest so like for every $100 I take, I only pay back $106. When you understand inflation was 10% and I’m basically getting free money to exponentially grow my business. It was a simple thing to me while others would have been afraid or never known or to look for such an opportunity.

I think no AI can replace entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs will need to figure out how to use AI for their businesses. For example I already use forecasting tools for inventory management, chat bots for support, content creation, code writing, and more. Saves me time and money.


I really appreciate the kind replies. Even if we have all sometimes had crossed words. It’s my daughter , I love her and want the best for her. We all would as dads. I’ve copied and pasted most of your messages to her. :+1:t3: :heart:


That’s incredibly smart.

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$$$ quote. That’s pretty much what I tell my kid. The more skills the more options and opportunities. Don’t worry about the paycheck just yet. Get a Batman sized utility belt of skills.


Did you come from a well off background Jim Bob?
I guess why not shoot for the moon but theres a lot to be said for a solid education and work experience.
Most of the money around the world flows thru governments and big corporations i.e . there’s nothing wrong with putting in 9-5 for the government and a sweet pension and beenfits and lifestyle or being a corporate manager with a good income.
Education is the bed rock.


Is she doing undergrad degree?