Jodie Foster

She’s history. She’s doing action adventure now?
She started out cute, got hot, and then turned smart and only did movies that depicted a strong female lead and promoted strong female roles. And all those movies sucked and now she’s doing action pictures. In two years, she’ll be showing tit.

Didn’t she get her tits out in “Nell” ?

Did anybody actually watch that?

She got her tits out and got gangbanged on a pinball table in The Accused.

Did anybody actually watch that?[/quote]

“Tay ina ween”

I loved that movie!

“Skew ina belly”

So her latest movie is a remake of a Wesley Snipes movie that was a rip off of a Bruce Willis movie. She is one desperate chick. When Adam Sandler makes better chick flicks than she does, it doesn’t look too good.