Jody Lin's private life

OK, folks, let’s all go to and read all about her private life and come back here and discuss it.

You know, I read she said “nursing a glass of champagne”. C’mon, Jody! “nursing” alcohol is so cliche! You gotta say something like - well what were you doing? Nursing it? Was the glass next to your boobs? I think… “sipping” is better.

Oh, and I don’t think you should ever ask for a raise. That is really kissing your boss’ A-S-S. I think it’s a matter of dignity, really. If your boss says they’re going to give you a raise, then you can remind them to do it if they forget. But don’t be a brown noser. If you don’t like the salary - change jobs. It just seems like asking for a raise is “asking” - like YOU ARE a LOSER asking your superior to take mercy on you. Right?

Well, as a pop-musician (not a live-performer, folks - I only record weird stuff), I would never show my parents my work. My father is also a pop-musician (a different genre of pop) and my mother is a classical musician, but I wouldn’t want either of them to hear my work unless a third party approached them. You know - they are your parents and something inside of them (i.e. their love for you) makes them obligated to accept your art work no matter what it is.

I don’t let my parents listen to my music. And, surprisingly, they don’t insist on hearing it.

You know, if you’re an artist, you can’t help but do what you do. I don’t think your parents’ approval of your art work counts because they love you unconditionally. Even if they tell you that they disapprove of your work, they will accept it deep inside. Right? You are their daughter.

Blah, this girl really scks…and she was an art major? Well, I don’t know about that, I mean, I kind of believe it because I went to art school and I remember a lot of boring people that I went to school with. I mean, also, look, if she’s interested in the arts and expects to get along with some Princeton, football-loving btt-plug, then she deserves to have these dopey Alley McBeal boo-hoo we don’t match dinners etc…Woof Woof… Uh, but all I have to say is it looks like she’s hooked up with about the most bland people in Taipei possible. And all this snooty-poo talk about DC and New York and Jil Sanders blouses, can you say VAPID!!!

If web pages could be used as toilet paper, Her webpage would be a six roll pack of wu yue hua.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for starting this thread… it’s like having my very own hate club. I always thought that kind of stuff was reserved for the seriously famous - like the Christina Aguileras and Gwenyth Paltrows of the world.

I just thought I should get my responses to the wild accusations above before things get any more out of hand.

  1. I will ask for a raise, not because I feel this inate need to kiss ass, but because I haven’t gotten a raise in the 2+ years I’ve been with the company and I’m doing a good job. I basically like my job, and I don’t think I can find anything else that will quite suit my specialized skills. That is, unless you know someone who wants to hire a sculptor?
  2. You’re right. I can’t help doing what I do. I shouldn’t need my parent’s approval - and I’ll probably keep doing what I do even without their approval. But I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone I care about [in this case, my parents] can appreciate what I do. So sue me.
  3. I’ve made no claims to being some sort of literary genius. And I write in my spare time - which seems to me a better use of time than haunting this site and posting on every single thread. So my choice of words are cliche. I can think of worse things to be. As for being toilet paper - I have a vision of eye opener wiping his a** with a computer. Now that’s funny.

Take care. Keep reading

“You have to promise not to tell anyone. I swear to God, Jack will kill me if he finds out that I told you.”
I sat at the open air table, wide eyed and mute. I hate it when anyone pledges me to keep someone else’s confidence. I feel the double burden of having to keep the secret from the world, and from the originator of the secret. But this time, I was too curious to protest.

Good one - and you whack it on the Internet. Do your friends, people you meet etc. know that their every move is documented and made available to everyone with a PC and a modem?

God, I wish you were MY friend.

Oh, I’m curious, when whateverhisnameis asked you to promise, presumably you did, otherwise he wouldn’t have told you, right?

Come on Jody, give! Didja get rogered yet? Well, didja? Don’t make me have to go to Kiko Wu’s site again. I want ALL the slurpy details. People need to know. Look at the smiley. That’s Jody. Whatcha think she’s doing?

The hostility that you guys portrayed is simply ridiculous. Jody is her own person with her own blog and her own life and her own beliefs. What the hell is wrong with that?
Comment yes but to criticize, boy, that just shows how spiteful some people can get once they’ve turned their brain a bit.
Like it or not, she’s here to stay.
Go Jody.

Hey LaughingSkirt,
Anyone can voice their opinion here…and it really doesn’t matter what you think about what people think about her website, because this topic is asking people what they think about her website…and who told her to go away? I don’t remember that.

It’s not hostile…I was asked by Big Dork in the first message to go read her website…and in my opinion it’s electronic toilet paper! But, I also know I suck…now it’s your turn to investigate your own suckiness and find out why you defended your electronic pal.

Sandman, was she comparing herwriting to that of F. Scott Fitzgerald, or her situation – i.e., a young American living in a foreign country?

She wrote, Being a young expatriate in Taiwan . . . seems to me the modern equivalent of F. Scott Fitzgerald being a young expatriate in France . . . .

Oh, by the way, when FSF was a young expatriate in France is “. . .when he did some of his best work.”

This from someone who loves to write (reason 1), who feels like this is an altogether too precious yet ephemeral time in her life and who is reluctant to let go of it so lightly (reason 2) and who is keenly aware that her time in Taiwan will ultimately come to an end, and who wants to preserve the magic that is this place and the magic of the people that populate this place (reason 3).

On its own, but especially in the context in which she put it, it seems quite a stretch to say that she is comparing her writing to that of FSF.

On the other hand, if you’re crusing the forum looking for someone to bash, put down or ridicule, then I suppose Jody Lin’s entry would serve as well as any other.

Would you be so kind as to contribute your thoughts to the topic I started today, “Why the Put-downs”?

To Jody Lin: I have had time to only skim your journal, except for the yesterday’s entry, which I referred to above. I’ve bookmarked your page so that I can go back and read it more carefully.

The story of your exhibit, your anxiety about your parents, your sense of appreciation for what they had given you as against what they had in their early years was well done – especially as a first draft.

The episode of your father’s response to your piece of the little boy looking at something in his hand brought tears to my eyes (and does again as I write this).

Please keep in mind that it is only in retrospect that we know that FSF did some of his best work when he was a young expat in France. Also, his first drafts were not posted for public scrutiny.

Please continue to feed your passion for writing. Twenty, thrity years from now (yes, Jody – and Christine – there is life after 35 ), let’s see what the literate world has to say about Jody Lin’s writing based on her experiences as An American in Taiwan. Ganbatte, yo!

I’m feeling bad for Big Dork. Here’s this newbie, this Ben Seale, who’s out-dorking BD. Oh, the world isn’t fair.

That’s okay, BD. We still believe in your dorkness!

I stand corrected re: the Fitzgerald reference. I’m careless, I admit it. I have indeed posted on your thread in what I hope is a less offensive vein.

Sorry, I have to dog her website again.

Her “time in Taiwan” is not interesting to me because I don’t see her experiences as anything original. I’ve lived in Taiwan for 4 years, and her story is so uninteresting to me. Why? Because, first of all, she never does anything remotely adventurous. It’s all in that little expat bubble that so many scared little expats live in. Hanging out only with expats or ABC’s…it’s boring! And going to those nightclubs…personally, I have a standard, I don’t go to any night venue that has an English name, especially one that caters to foreigners. Why? Because it’s boring! A taste of “home” is the last thing I want in Taiwan.

And it’s just the people she describes in her stories, all sound like the expats that live floating above the surface of Taiwan and not down in the scratchy, crunchy, English sign-less back alleys where all the real Taiwanese stuff is happening, not at some glossy restaurant behind Ikea.

It’s hard to be interested in stories that talk about shopping and finding the right man. I’ve had single days here that are more insane and unbelieveable than anything on that whole website. And, I’m sure others have, too. I’m not gonna start my own website about it, though, because I like to keep my experiences to myself, where they belong.

It’s obvious that whether or not this is some precious time in her life “discovering” things in Taiwan, etc., I really didn’t read anything that reminds me of my life here at all i.e., real Taiwan experiences. Nothing really scary, really enlightening, really frightening, nothing that’s smacked her in the ass and said “WAKE UP YOU SPOILED AMERICAN!”…cause I can say they’ve happened to me, and other friends of mine, too.

Whatever, I know I suck.

Hey, folks. It’s interesting that she’s employed by this Chinese company but she’s Chinese-impaired. Oh, by the way, every dork on the street knows that dorky women are sexy.

Oh, by the way people: We all know about the negative and malicious comments about Jody Lin’s personal life. Well, she says herself on Tuesday, June 12, 2001 that her life is a “f-ing soap opera” (can you believe she actually edits out the F word on her own page?!?!?!)

So, basically, Jody Lin’s personal life is a big soap opera and we are virtually stalking her. So let me now continue the stalking:

Hey, who’s this Sebastian artist guy?

You know, I think she’s triple-hetero:

girl likes boy
Asian likes Euro
artist likes banker


[quote=“Big Dork”]…I think she’s triple-hetero:

girl likes boy
Asian likes Euro
artist likes banker

Hahahahaha… I love it…

Oh, ya. And fix that hot water heater so Mandy can take all those hot showers!


OK Big Dork,

I nearly fell on the floor laughing with your triple hetero analogy.

Too funny.

I don’t like use profanities in my writing although the truth is I use them all the time in life. They seem to be a cheap form of expression. Of course they shock, but there is no power in the emotion evoked.

It’s true, I’m strangely attracted to bankers and lawyers. Sigh. If only there was some sort of magic to cure my kind of illness. You would think that six years of art school would have made a dent. Maybe that’s a topic for a blog entry someday.

Ben, you’re so sweet. Thanks for defending me. I would NEVER dream of comparing my writing to Fitzgerald’s. Yikes!

Eye Opener, I do frequent a lot of places that aspire to be Western. But that’s because I think there is a small possibility that Taiwan is actually going to become home. (There, I said it - I might never leave this country. Sigh.) I miss the US dreadfully, but I can’t give up Taiwan. So I settle for second best by treating myself to Western food and Western bars. I’m awfully glad that you don’t suffer from homesickness. I wish I could be that strong.

Take care. Keep reading.

Jody’s Blog

Oh, no, not again. You don’t know how many times people have told me this. Everytime, all I can say is: yes, profanity is actually a powerful form of expression. But it’s such a wild form of expression that if you don’t use it carefully, it might provoke a different emotion (come across as funny). Once again I ask if anybody out there has read any literature by Tony Morrison??? She uses profane words very tastefully. It’s very powerful.

Anyway, if you’re going to use the word “f-u-c-k-ing” then you might as well write it instead of displaying its watered down version “f-ing”. It’s like mild “hot” sauce. Gimme a break!

Oh, no! Oriented Forums will be closed tomorrow afternoon! Well, I better get a life.

Well, folks, right now Jody is denying her sexual preferences. I mean, of course you love people for who they are in their mind and all that. But a person’s complexion has a lot to do with your being attracted to them. Maybe since beautiful Sebastian is no longer with her, she’s just gotten so depressed that she’s lowered her standards to hairy white guys.

Hey, where’s the sex scene? This hair salon stuff is getting boring.

…even ‘sex in the city’ had sex in it, maybe even ally mcbeal (don’t know, never watched the damn thing, though someone should free robert downey jr.). so what is ‘sex in the city’ without sex? well, it’s just ‘in the city’, a show about traffic, pollution, pedestrians, mothers with misbehaving children at the starbucks, taxicabs and proposed two-tiered fares for foreigners, people going to work, riding buses…

…people have been waiting so long for the sex to happen that they have resorted to a new thread called ‘dirty novel’ (which by the way, technically doesn’t have sex in it either) so get to it girlfriend. cut straight to the moneyshots baby! cold kitchen tile. expensive DKNY clothing ripped off of sweaty skin. that contraption they put into big black marcellus wallace’s mouth to keep him squealing like a pig in pulp fiction. hell, bring out the gimp if need be. don’t make me do all the work, get typin!

besides, the entry pages are looking fewer and farther between. hell! throw big dork into it or whoever you want! just make it juicy and spare no detail. your audience is waiting. when your done, we’ll bring it back here to hack it to bits no doubt but don’t you worry about that, you just peddle the smut, otherwise we are libel to have more hess teacher ‘wackiness’ running rampant on the island.

and that would not be pretty…

Well, you’ll all be happy to know that I’m going on vacation for a week - in the meantime, I’ve entrusted my blog to a friend, heretheto known as the “phantom trash novelist”.

But beware, I reserve the right to edit my blog when I return, so if you have suggestions for my friend, keep posting here since she won’t have access to my email.