Joe Biden, how can you not love him?

And Joe’s team is just as wrong about foreign policy dreamwishes:

In response to the economic collapse caused by COVID-19, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has proposed an ambitious sustainable infrastructure program called “Build Back Better.” While Biden’s proposal is domestic, this concept is equally powerful if applied globally. Indeed, a similar global initiative could help the U.S. regain the soft-power advantage it has ceded to China while repairing relations with U.S. allies in the fight against climate change.

So, post Cold War, with no bad guy worthy of a title shot, the US has to beg allies to help us fight climate change. :laughing:

The US has been pulling back and increasingly ignored by cold war allies since 1992. I mean, we help China get it’s legs back and China builds a Navy? We get no respect. lol Who is in the water but the US, providing worldwide free security for trade routes. I doubt they’re even doing that to stand off with the US, but to protect their middle eastern oil shipping lanes, after we back off even a bit further.

Point being, Joe and his braintrust are or think we are idiots. We could barely scrape up support for the war on terror after NYC was blowed up. Talk about the reluctant war. So, they won’t do that but they will join Joe Sickpack incarnate to “Fight” “climate change.”

If I were a citizen living in a pristinely gorgeous warm but poor country populated by brown people, I would be getting very concerned. Codifying Climate Change on a global scale will have global consequences, especially if they try it while over-using renewable energy while aggressively curtailing FF use.

edit: This is just too good to not comment on:

By applying the “Build Back Better” approach internationally, the U.S. could make up the ground it has lost to China in building relations with developing countries.

So, China is the ersatz new cold war enemy…for real? That’s pretty shitty given all the money China gave the family. :laughing:

under President Trump, U.S. foreign assistance has dropped dramatically to the administration’s low-priority areas such as climate change mitigation and adaptation and infrastructure.

It’s crazy that foreign infrastructure is not seen as a priority. More roads, more money.

A green foreign infrastructure program would get America back on the international playing field and would contrast sharply with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

So, they want to create an international ideological rallying cry around climate change, because hey, freedom and democracy worked in the 1940s. Wait I thought the dems thought Russia was the bad guy. Are we signaling their ultimate demise? Will the Dems in a Biden win be willing to take China to war, even a proxy war to “prove” that they are our enemy?

I doubt it would be Taiwan. Semi-chips and bubble tea and all.

The U.S. could provide investments and assistance to low- and middle-income countries for green infrastructures, such as solar and wind technologies and climate resilience projects.

OK, now I’m sick to my stomach. They don’t need that stuff. They need air conditioners. :smoker:

If Biden is elected, an administration laser-focused on the domestic economy should act quickly on the international front as well. Reasserting America leadership in the post-pandemic world may depend on it.

Wow, using the pandemic to reassert American dominance overseas. I mean seriously, give somebody freedom and they stab you in the back.

Bullshit proxy war coming up? Airstrikes? Dems like airstrikes.

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Nobody cares what honorary Russian Ron Johnson is drumming up.

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You hope.

Hey, show some respect- use his official title of Senate’s Dumbest Republican- he earned it over some fierce competition.

cool cat Joe. He be for real.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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I always thought the Pledge was a bit silly. Now it’s sillier.

Don’t you guys stand up each day in school for years and years and repeat this over and over? You would think it was indelible in his hippocampus.

It most of the US they haven’t done that in a coon’s age.

But there’s plenty of other time wasting bullshit in the public schools.

We recited it every morning when I was in grades 1-9, back before dirt was invented. In my high school (grades 10-12) it was repeated only at school assemblies, iirc.

I’m sure it was pretty much the same in Delaware in Biden’s day. Assuming Biden’s hippocampus is still functioning, it’s there somewhere.


Yup. “In dog we trust!”

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“I pledge a legion to… you know… the thing.”

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I remember doing it in like the first grade occasionally. Afterwards I’m pretty sure that time slot was filled with black history, Cesar Chavez thought, learning about the Japanese internment camps, etc.


Did you have the cropped version of Gilbert Stuart’s unfinished portrait of Washington hanging up, high on the wall behind the teacher’s desk? The one with Washington’s head just above the clouds?

Oh man. I saw that every day until I was out of high school. Somebody in my school district must have bought a million of 'em.

No. We had a Black is Beautiful poster, and of course posters of MLK (our school was named after him…not the original name of course), Rosa Parks, Malcolm X (another school I went to was named after him), etc.

I hope it was less grim than it sounds. :frowning_face: :upside_down_face:

This is why I think the kids of today’s BLM/antifa kids will choose to wear bow ties to school. Every generation rebels, at least in the US. Only natural. The GOP will be going gangbusters in 2040 or so.

To a small kid, not really. It does seem a little grim is retrospect though.

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Sounds like you went to a pretty interesting school!

Anyone with half a brain cell knows this gesture is not what the crazed Marxists and muppets at the ADL claim, but it is funny to see:


Interesting doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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