Joe Biden, how can you not love him?

Politics is an emergent phenomenon of human nature. I treat it as a domain of psychology.

Everyone must deny everything repeatedly or we will assume the worst.

Actually, he’s been doing non-denial denials.

They do it because it works. Obama did it with the Jeremiah Wright problem.

The threshold for evidence lately is at levels like we’ve never seen before!

Yeah, she on the Atlantic Council, click “about” for details, if you haven’t followed the story you probably don’t know The Atlantic Council have their grubby paws all over this.

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when you say “they” you mean those who you think are opposed to your political ideology.

When I say “they” I look at Washington elites who hold power and control, I am just pointing out how they do it. “They” want us (and yes I include you in us) fighting over race, sex, sexual orientation and religion so we don’t look at them.

You are playing their game, I am not.

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some might argue that it is you who is playing the game. Putin and Xi want to disrupt global institutions and democracy. they want to limit the trust people hold in these things as it gives dictators more legitimacy.
One method they have been using is creating misinformation which people like yourself have been widely sharing. this creates doubt and increases infighting which is exactly what they, Xi, Putin, et…al want. the hunter Biden story is the perfect example of this.
I know you think you’re fighting the good fight, but attacking the findings of the FBI because they don’t always share your world view is troubling

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I think of things this way…

Children like to play children’s games.
Adults aren’t too interested.
Some children get arrogant.
They think the adults don’t want to play Go Fish because they’ll lose.
Then the family wants to go out for a nice picnic.
Billy won’t go, he’s too busy thrashing around, proclaiming himself Go Fish king.
Dad’s like, let’s play go fish then.
10 minutes later the family is on their picnic and there’s a new king.

I’ve never trusted the FBI, back in the 60’s and 70’s the hippy left would have agreed with me. Punks like Johnny Rotten still do.

I let the chips fall where they may, when the Joe Biden story broke I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said he had plausible deniability. A lot of facts have since come out that cast a great deal of doubt on his plausible deniability.

I have no partisan agenda, I think it likely politicians use family as a means of kickbacks. Wouldn’t suprise me to hear Romneys kids do it, or the McCain foundation got kickbacks or the Bush foundation.

Not even just pointing to left leaning politicians who join executive positions at sources of information, Paul Ryan took a position at Fox news and was duly noted.

My observations don’t bring about violence, unlike the past 6 months of violence stirred up by the MSM. A particular topic they have been inciting for about a decade now.

Damn that free media, telling the truth and all that junk.

Have to admit the lack of denials by anybody associated with Biden is damning.

This story is growing, not shrinking.


Yeah totally growing…

Wallace told Bill Hemmer , “I can understand the concern about this story. It is completely unverified and frankly, Rudy Giuliani is not the most reliable source anymore. I hate to say that, but it’s just true.”

He noted reporting from the Washington Post that Trump’s own national security adviser warned him “that any information Giuliani brought back from Ukraine should be considered contaminated by Russia.”

Add another 26k emails from his now jailed partner Bevan Cooney. Another of his partners (Devon Archer) is awaiting sentencing. Something about details related to the 3.5 million from the Moscow Mayor (among other things).

There are ones that pertain to Yelena Baturina, she’s the Moscow mayor’s ex-wife who we should add the U.S. State Department has implicated as being tied with Russian organized crime.



So far it faintly reminds me of how Dems stuck their heads in the sand about the swift boat vets condemning John Kerry’s fitness for duty as prez.

Braying “russia” and pooh poohing undisputed evidence sounds a lot like braying “crank Vietnam vets” and pooh poohing events that weren’t widely known in October 2004 but that were corroborated as election day drew nearer.

The evidence is quite disputed though, incorrect.

It’s the U.S. state dept. ‘braying’ Russia. Might not want to leave that little deet out.

Poisoning the Well

(also known as: discrediting, smear tactics, appeal to ethos [form of])

Description: To commit a preemptive ad hominem (abusive) attack against an opponent. That is, to prime the audience with adverse information about the opponent from the start, in an attempt to make your claim more acceptable or discount the credibility of your opponent’s claim.

Logical Form:

Adverse information (be it true or false) about person 1 is presented.

Therefore, the claim(s) of person 1 will be false.

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Let me know when you have a point to make.

The Biden corruption story is huge.

Between the CCP and Ukraine and who knows what other countries are involved too, its a terrible scandal. It’s a shame and embarrassment that Biden has evolved into an anti-American communist sympathizer who accepts 10’s of millions of dollars from the CCP through dozens of illegal quid-pro-quo deals to benefit himself and his family – and is the one elected to represent the Democratic Party. It’s a real shame.


what about the trump scandal when he asked the leaders of both China and the Ukraine to help him win the election.
How. can people here post that the Russian collusion is fake, but this Hunter story is real with a straight face? it really is mind boggling