Joe Biden, how can you not love him?

Nope, the aftermath.

This is a great resource…and a great example of how diplomacy works.


Ill read it if I have time. I know Sr Bush was ambassador to R.O.C. during the 1971 UN Resolution 2758 and he pushed for the vote to support Taiwan over China but ultimately those who promised they would side with the US in supporting Chiang Kai Shek over the Communists lost and the UN recognized CCP. US, Japan, Australia, Philippines, South Africa Brazil and many nations that continued to recognize R.O.C. voted for Taiwan.


Ah, yes, President Marcos, the Brazilian military dictatorship, apartheid South Africa- no wonder you’re nostalgic.
They did not vote for “Taiwan”. At that time, the stance of the U.S. and it’s allies were that CKS and the KMT were the legitimate rulers of all China, including Taiwan. They held that any movement for democracy or independence in Taiwan was fomented by the Chicoms and had to be crushed by the CKS dictatorship.

Nostalgic where are you getting that? You said and think that way not me. I merely listed countries, and facts, no opinions at all. Where are you coming from with all this?? I’ve repeatedly said I dont like CKS or Dictators over the years. Youre way to triggered man.

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TDS is becoming TWS…
It’s getting worse.

Pedo Joe

I can’t believe some people can’t see it.

This didn’t age well:

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Happy 78th birthday, Joe. Nobody in his or her right mind wanted the job so that’s how you ended up with it.

It seems Joe is getting this right. Hopefully he does stop the death penalty.

Biden Remains Against Death Penalty, Says Spokesperson, As Feds Give Execution Dates For More On Death Row


Interesting articles. Don’t understand why NYT won’t reference their own research anymore. They can at least say “software glitches” and “voting machine hacks” are technically possible.

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I’ll love him when I get my next round of free money.

Advisers to President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. are . . . pushing for Democratic leaders in Congress to reach a quick stimulus deal with Senate Republicans, even if it falls short of the larger package Democrats have been seeking, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Now that Trump is gone there’s no reason to hold the stimulus money hostage any more.

Better write your Republican senators and let them know


Does the President have this power? I thought it was only over federal crimes.

Yes, but that’s not insignificant, as Trump has ramped up federal executions including the first instances in 17 years. I’m sure this is what @mithrandir means, we often kind of take it for granted. Of course Biden can advocate for abolition in states or by a constitutional change, which isn’t insignificant either.

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The stimulus checks aren’t the problem. It’s the trillion dollar bailouts for profligate Democratic cities and states on the edge of bankruptcy that are the hold up. No need to withhold the piddling stimulus checks now though since both sides are in agreement on them and even Biden says they’re good politics now.

The stimulus checks were a policy initiated by Nancy Pelosi, and agreed to by President Trump, and finally, reluctantly, under arm twisting by Trump, by the Republicans in the Senate. The last stimulus bill, basically agreed to by the House and the White House, was torpedoed by McConnell who only agreed to spend half that amount.
BTW: Biden counties, slightly more than half the population-70% of GDP.
Trump counties, slightly under half of the population- 30% of GDP.
Don’t worry, though- Democrats will pull along those nonproductive, underemployed. undereduccated Republicans.

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